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This Website is all about my life in Hong Kong. It is about my hiking adventures and the friends that I have met over the years. It is also about the adventures of my parents and family and some of the stories posted have been passed down to me. I hope you enjoy them.

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Love In The Time of COVID19*

*With Apologies to Gabriel García Márquez Like many countries and communities around the world the people of Hong Kong have suffered greatly due to the onslaught of COVID19. The lock downs have lead to massive unemployment, which in turn has lead to depression, anxiety and all of the problems that this entails. As people haveContinue reading “Love In The Time of COVID19*”

Parks, Play Grounds and Sitting-out Areas in Tai Po – The Tai Po Central Town Square

The Tai Po Central Town Square sprawls across several sitting out areas with room for people to practice aerobic exercises, tai chi and even dance moves. There are also fountains and a small public toilet. As the map shows there are many ways of entering the square, we did so by the Jade Plaza side. Continue reading “Parks, Play Grounds and Sitting-out Areas in Tai Po – The Tai Po Central Town Square”

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