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This Website is all about life in Hong Kong. It is about my hiking adventures and the friends that I have met over the years. It is also about my parents and family who have lived in Hong Kong since 1908. 

stewartgoeswalkies is committed to the reduction of plastics in our environment. Don’t buy drinking water in plastic bottles when it’s easy to bring it from home. Let’s work together to save the planet.

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Hiking With Allen in Toronto

Introduction Stewart Goes Walkies is very grateful to have received this article and photos from a very old friend, Allen Lai. Allen was my climbing partner and mentor and saw me through many of my more successful climbing ventures. He was also present at some of my least successful as well. These included celebrating myContinue reading “Hiking With Allen in Toronto”

Books and Other Publications – The Isle of the Rat

Introduction The Isle of the Rat, a novella, was published in hard copy in October 1994. It was the second of Sloan’s books to be published by Hong Kong Horrors. It was well received and is considered by some as his best work. Synopsis The year is 1908, and three ornithologists visit a remote islandContinue reading “Books and Other Publications – The Isle of the Rat”

Fanling to Tai Wo

Another Scenic Exercise Walk Introduction Hiking the cycle track between Fanling and Tai Wo is a good training walk for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds and increase fitness. It is a safe, secure route. Also, as you pass by several villages where you can find transportation in the form of minibuses, it wouldContinue reading “Fanling to Tai Wo”


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