Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve – Red Walk

This is one of four hiking trails in the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve. On this trail you will find hikers of all ages from children up to the elderly. It is mostly on level ground or easy gradients with a few steep sections thrown in. While these sections are quite strenuous the great thing is, as the route is short and can be completed in well under two hours, you can take your time.

Transportation: From Tai Po the easiest way would be to take the 28K Green Minibus from just outside the MTR station. You can ask the driver before hand for the Tai Po Kau stop. The entrance to the Nature reserve is across the street but within view of the bus stop.

You will need: sturdy hiking shoes or boots, water, and I made full use of my hiking poles on the steeper sections. Barbecues are not permitted in the Nature Reserve but there are several areas provided with picnic tables should you wish to sit, snack and enjoy the surroundings. However, please be advised that previous hikers have reported that they were followed by some very persistent monkeys demanding food.

Follow the service road up to the start of the hiking routes. It is uphill but it will not take more than 20 minutes before you reach the start of the walks. 

There is a choice of four walks to choose from and you can select the one that is suited to your level of fitness.

The foot path was good throughout the walk although in some areas the paving stones, while firmly set, were a little uneven which meant that you have to concentrate on where you are placing your feet. Even on the steeper sections there are no loose boulders, stones or rocks that you have to be wary of.

The start of the walk

I was so pleased to learn that the Red Walk followed the path around to the right…

After passing several picnic areas you will come to the final ascent of the walk. It is not long, therefore, as mentioned previously, you can take your time.

This leads on to a mostly level path that takes you to the final section.

Into each of our lives comes a ray of sunshine.

The final downhill section. It is quite steep but the boulders are firmly set so it is just a matter of taking your time and being careful.

Finally the path levelled out and took us across a small stream.

From there is was a short distance to the end of the walk which just happened to be right beside the start.

The Tai Po Kau Red Walk is a great route for everyone. We saw joggers running along the route, parents with young children and of course, a lot of elderly folk enjoying the scenery. I can thoroughly recommend it.

There is the walk back to the entrance of the Reserve but it is al down hill and takes you very little time.

Returning to Tai Po or traveling in to Shatin is simply a matter of walking a few steps up Tai Po Road where there are bus stops on either side of the road.

I hope you enjoy the walk.

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  1. That looks great, can’t really imagine that Hong Kong has beautiful countryside other than a concrete jungle

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