The Tsing Yi Nature Trails

This walk should be at the top of everyone’s list!

From end-to-end the foot path and steps are perfectly maintained. The ascents and descents are not onerous and, due to the shortness of the trail, about 3.5 kilometres in total, there is no rush to complete any one section. Indeed, the scenery is well worth taking the time to enjoy.

There are numerous resting places along the route and much of it is done in the shade of overhanging tree cover.

One thing you will need is water, lots and lots of water!

In order to get to the start of the trail you’ll need to get to the Tsing Yi MTR Station. Once there, go to Exit A1 and take KMB Bus 248M. Getting to the buses is a bit complicated, as we discovered. From Exit A1, turn right and enter the adjacent shopping plaza, look for the exit doors on the right and you will see the bus terminus itself. Walk straight ahead and you will find the 248M.

The 248M KMB bus runs a circular route and there is no announcement to inform you that you have reached the last stop before it loops back to Tsing Yi so you need to watch the information screen, listen to the announcements and alight at the Cheung Wang Estate Bus Stop.

From there the road follows a gentle incline up to the start of the Tsing Yi Nature Trails. It is about a five minute walk to the entrance.

The trail starts off with some steps but this lead to the first and most significant surprise of the day. The steps are evenly spaced and shallow enough so that there is little pressure on aged, or young knee joints, and more importantly, when descending you don’t suffer from the pounding that you experience on deeper steps that can leave you wishing you had stayed at home watching Netflix.

The steps lead on to a foot path which is typical of what follows, a well designed, built and maintained trail that is an absolute pleasure to walk on.

Throughout most of the walk, but particularly the ascents and descents, there are sturdy railings which proved useful. I always take both of my hiking poles when hiking but on this walk you could quite comfortably get away with only one or even a sturdy walking stick.

The path follows the trail along several picnic and rests areas as it climbs and dips gently.

As gently as you go up, you also go down

As you take your time ascending the even and gentle stairs you eventually come to the summit of two high points which are designated by Lands Department markers.

And then, before you know it, after resting at a point overlooking both Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wan you are on the final downward leg.

Eventually the stairs descend into a wooded area and you come onto a path.

Very shortly there is the welcome, or unwelcome, as the case may be, sounds of traffic denoting the end of the trail. There is a sitting area where you can rest, and if you wish, change into a dry T shirt before heading down to the road.

The Tsing Yi Nature Trail is an enjoyable walk. Easy on the knees and at no time will you wish you had stayed home watching Netflix. There are wonderful views and the people you meet on the walk are all there for the same reason as you, to enjoy nature and have a good time. You will not regret make the effort.

Once onto the main road turn left downwards where you will soon find the Chung Wah Court bus stop. There are several options and you can take a bus back into the Tsing Yi MTR station, or, as we did, the number E42 to Shatin.

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