Taiwo to Lam Tsuen

This walk is not for the faint-hearted.

While shorter, in terms of difficulty, it is on a par with the hike from Fanling to Lam Tsuen. However, it does offer some great scenery. I did this hike in December, 2020 in the company of my son, James

A historical note: I moved to the Lam Tsuen Valley almost nine years ago and was convinced that there was a hiking route from Taipo, over the hills into the valley. Of course, it has existed for a very long time, it just took me the better part of eight years to find it.

Water, sturdy boots, and hiking poles are the order of the day. The walk starts from the Taiwo MTR and crosses the Lam Tsuen river by the Kam Wo Bridge.

The route takes you through Shek Kwu Lung Village and onto Shek Lin Road. Follow this road as it climbs up the hill (it is quite steep in places) until you come to a junction just as it levels out. By then you will have passed temples and the Hong Kong Dog Rescue Taipo Homing Centre.

Shortly before the junction, there is a covered picnic area on the right-hand side of the road and I suggest you take a good long rest before continuing.

Take the right-hand fork and you will soon see an ornate stone with some characters engraved on it. The road starts downhill and there is a brief respite from the climbing, but it doesn’t last long.

To your right, you will find a narrow path that will take you across a short bridge. It then turns right and immediately climbs into the hillside. Within a short time, the path becomes steeper and more difficult.

While the path itself is easy enough to see, it is steep and the difficulty lies in the lack of footholds. You will find yourself lurching from rocks to tree roots and scrambling for anything resembling a step. While James ascended it like a mountain goat, I relied heavily on my hiking poles for progress.

Eventually, the angle eases and the path becomes easier to handle. Soon you are at the top of the hill and have a great view over the Lam Tsuen Valley.

You are then on your way downwards and the path, while a pleasure to walk on in many places, it has sections where, once again, you are lurching from foothold to foothold.

Soon you enter a heavily wooded area.

Eventually, to your left, you will see the tops of village houses and signs of civilisation, such as it is. This is She Shan Tsuen (shown on the map as Tin Liu Ha) and the path soon takes you through the back of the village.

It is an easy job finding your way through the village and out onto She Shan Road. From the front of the village, it is a ten-minute walk up to Lam Kam Road where you will find transportation back into Taiwo by either minibus or the 64K KMB bus.

I found this hike challenging, not because of the total distance but because of the difficulty of the footpath over much of the route. However, it is not a long walk, being just over 3Km, so you can take your time on the more difficult sections.

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