A Visit to the Mui Shue Hang Park

This is a pleasant outing for the entire family. 

The park lies within a short distance from the Taiwo MTR Station and is about a twenty to twenty-five minute walk.

What you need: Comfortable shoes, water and something to snack on if you plan to take advantage of the great picnic areas along the route. Sadly, there is no tuck shop at the park so you need to bring anything you wish to eat and drink.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Taiwo and alight at Exit A into Taiwo Plaza. 

Turn left and walk out the exit ahead of you. If you’re feeling peckish there are several food outlets and if you need water and munchies there is a convenience store immediately on the right as you exit the glass doors. 

Go down the stairs and turn right towards the Assemblies of God Hebron Secondary School. Turn left and you will see the Kam Wo Bridge right in front of you. 

Cross over the bridge, turn right and you are on the way to the Mui Shue Hang Park.

As you leave the picnic area you soon come to the turning point where the path leads you back the way you came. There are several examples of how much effort the management put into keeping the place as beautiful as they can.

This footbridge leads to another entrance to the park. If you are getting weary you can take this exit and it will lead your out onto the main road where you can find a bus or taxi to take you the short distance back to Taiwo.

The Mui Shue Hang Park is pleasant and relaxing place to visit and the trees alone are well worth the visit. I hope you will make the effort to take a look and enjoy the surroundings.

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