Places of Interest: A Visit to the Taipo Waterfront Park

The Taipo Waterfront Park is a pleasant area to visit that involves a gentle walk along the Lam Tsuen River. You can start your walk from anywhere along the footpath but I chose to start from Taiwo. For Taipo residents that live closer to the Taipo Mega Mall you can join the Lam Tsuen River from just outside the Mall.

If you are arriving by the MTR at Taiwo, take the exit that leads out into Taiwo Plaza, turn left and head out the class doors at the end of the shopping centre. There is a convenience store on the right as you exit the doors and you should buy some water or drinks and snacks for the walk because you won’t see any other shops until you reach the park.

After descending the steps from Taiwo Plaza turn right and then left towards the Kam Wo Bridge. When you come out onto the footpath, which also doubles as a cycle track, turn left and you are on your way.

There are always a lot of people out on the footpath, either going to or from the shops and wet markets, or just out getting some exercise.

And finally you are approaching the entrance to the Water Front Park. The distance from the Taiwo MTR is just over 2 Kilometres and at a gentle pace takes about 40 minutes.

And then I headed to the Look Out Tower which is probably the best known attraction of the Water Front Park.

The scenic view from the gallery at the top of the Tower – I wish it had been a better day.

It was then time to take a look at some of the other attractions that the park has to offer.

If you are getting tired, at this point you are close to the rear exit to the park and it is easy to find public transport back to any point in Taipo. I chose to walk back along the Lam Tsuen River in the direction of the Mega Mall.

The Taipo Water Front Park is well worth a visit and, unfortunately, in this presentation I was only able to show you a small part of the facilities available. These include nature displays and flower gardens. There are tuck shops selling drinks and snacks but, be warned, they are expensive. There are also bicycle hire outlets should you decide to cycle back into the Taipo Hui.

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