Fotan to Taipo – 12K!

This is a 12 Kilometre walk that takes you along foot paths and cycle tracks. It travels along the Shing Mun River before turning slightly inland for a short distance and then back out to the water front. From there it continues on to the Hong Kong Science Park Promenade and Taipo.

The walk starts from Exit A of the Fotan MTR Station. Exit the station and cross over the road to the Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation Building, to the right there is a long foot bridge that leads down to the Hong Kong Sports Institute. Continue past the entrance of the Institute and you will see the path ahead make a sharp left.

The first section was quite boring on the day that I did this walk. The weather was cloudy and overcast and there wasn’t much to see while walking along the river. I imagine on a better day it would be quite interesting because at various points there is a rowing club and, further up on the other side there is a Dragon Boat club where teams can rent out a boat and practice for the annual festival, which will happen this year on the 14th June. Also known as the Hong Kong Tuen Ng Dragon Boat Festival it is amazing to see teams from all walks of life, including teams from overseas, giving their all to be the first across the line.

This section also takes you past the Hong Kong Jockey Club Shatin Race Course, but as it is boarded off there is little to see.

Unless, like me, one of the reasons for the walk is to get fit, this first section can be avoided by taking the MTR to the University Station and alighting there. Follow the signs to Ma Liu Shiu Public Pier.

After completing the first section the scenery becomes a bit more interesting. You will pass by the Marine Outer Waters and Marine Police Headquarters and then the remainder of the walk is along the sea front. 

As the route takes you past the Ma Liu Shiu Public Pier it is worth taking a quick look, as this is where you can take Kaitos (ferries) to the more inaccessible islands including Tap Mun, or Grassy Island, which is a popular camping spot.

The section after the public Pier unfortunately follows the road for a while but bear with it, because very soon you enter the Science Park area and there are beautifully designed rest areas and parks. 

There are restaurants and convenience stores where you can have lunch and drinks. I carried on to the public pier at Pak Shek Kok where I watched young men and women training for a triathlon event. 

I watched as they arrived on bicycles, dived into the sea, and then, some time later, climbed back out, donned running shoes and took off down the path. I watched all this from the comfort of my bench where I was eating raisins and relaxing.

Continuing along the footpath you soon leave the Science Park and are on the final stage of the walk. At last the skies cleared and I was able to take some photos.

Egrets are commonly seen all over the area and they take advantage of any quiet spot to rest.

The Tai Po Tai Wong Yeh Temple marks the end of the walk. We found the following information in Wikipedia at 

“…The temple was originally a stone tablet that was erected on the northern shore of Yuen Chau Tsai by the villagers in Chik Mei Village, located on the north bank of the Shenzhen River, in the mid-Qing Dynasty. In the late Qing Dynasty, some fishermen raised funds to build the temple for worship by local fishermen at the present location.”

I couldn’t help but think the vending machine detracts from the impression of peace and serenity.

Shortly after the temple, you come to a park area with a public toilet where you can rest and ponder your next move. From there it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the TaiPo Hui MTR Station or, you can walk into Taipo itself and enjoy one of the many restaurants available.

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