Places of Interest: The Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden

I don’t recall how many times I have visited the Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden, but every time I have done so I have seen something new. To say that it is well worth a visit is an understatement.

To get there take the 64K bus from either the Tai Po Hui KMB Terminus or board it at the Tai Wo MTR station. The stop will be shown on the bus monitor.

The entrance is well sign posted, and after paying the entrance fee, and satisfying all the health and temperature requirements, you are made very welcome by the friendly and helpful staff.

On the day of this visit the farm was preparing for a flower show and the displays were beautifully arranged.

They were also having a drive to support their Raptor Sanctuary and more information can be found on how you can help them at this stall or at this link. We visited the Raptor Sanctuary during our visit.

We started our tour by visiting the Farm Shop and Museum. It is short walk from the entrance. Apart from the interesting historical information, you can buy plants, organic produce and healthy drinks.

There is so much to see at the Kadoorie Farm and it was a rather warm day, so we decided to limit our visit to the Raptor Sanctuary and the flamingoes and the hope of catching sight of Jo, the Spotted Caiman. But first we stopped off at the Shop and Museum.

Following the sign to the shop you come to these steps, there is a toilet to the right in case you need it.

Then, after some cold coconut water it was on to the Raptor Sanctuary.

To the left of the Raptors was a small area set aside for a rare Masked Palm Civet.

A beautiful bamboo area – sorry about the panting, it was getting hot.

We then started our search for Jo, the Spotted Caiman and looked in all the usual places. However, she was nowhere to be seen and we began to think that we were going to be disappointed. And then, there she was, hiding in plain sight.

One of the wonderful things about the Kadoorie Farm is that nothing ever goes to waste, as you can see from the carving of the tree outside the pig enclosure, and the sitting area made from fallen trees.

Unfortunately, one of the displays we didn’t have time for today was the Piers Jacobs Wildlife Sanctuary. This is always worth a visit as you can catch a glimpse of a barking deer amongst other animals.

Before visiting the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden it would be worthwhile taking a look at their website. You can also get a potted history of the organisation at wikipedia.

There is so much to see, animals, flowers, trees and advice on how to grow crops in minimal areas. There is something for every member of the family. I hope you will make the effort to visit. We will definitely be visiting again soon and there will be at least, a part two in the series.

Finally, getting home is a simple matter of crossing the road to the opposite bus stop and taking the 64K back to Tai Po.

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