Parks, Play Grounds and Sitting-out Areas in Tai Po – The Tai Po Old Market Playground

Situated off the Tai Po Tai Wo Road the Tai Po Old Market Playground is a small park and sitting out area which has been beautifully laid out  by the Culture and Leisure Services Department. Although, officially designated a playground, the sitting out area and the playground itself are separate.

This is a wonderful area to spend a few moments, or even longer, relaxing in a small forest environment. This is what makes it so unique as, despite the fact that you are surrounded by tall buildings, once you are sitting amongst the trees you can close your eyes, (and ears to the traffic noises) and be in any part of the countryside.

Ascending the stairs at the entrance brings you to a Smoking Area and from here you can get a view of the park area.

On the day of my visit the park was deserted apart from two or three visitors. However, on a Sunday or public holiday the area is popular with domestic workers who are always respectful of the environment and those around them.

After resting for a while to enjoy my surroundings I went on a tour of the park. But, not before noticing this item.

At first glance I thought it was a hook, thoughtfully provided by Leisure and Culture so that old ladies could hang their shopping bags, but then I realised that it was bird cage hanger.

Bird enthusiasts throughout Hong Kong often take their birds for a walk, especially in the morning before it becomes too hot. These hooks were set in several places along the footpath especially for these enthusiasts.

The Grand Tour:

It’s always nice to take a few minutes out of a busy day to just relax and look at the trees and flowers, and the park area of the Tai Po Old Market Playground is a perfect location to do just that.

Before leaving I sat beneath this beautiful tree for a few moments and thought of how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to be there.

Please turn your volume up so you can hear the bird song

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  1. What an interesting park you have to visit. Is it heavily used. I found the information about the bird cage hooks and why they were there especially interestin.

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