Parks, Play Grounds and Sitting-out Areas in Tai Po – The Yuen Chau Tsai Park

We started our visit to the Yuen Chau Tsai Park from Fu Shin Estate and the Yuen Shin Park. As mentioned at the end of the post we did on the Yuen Shin Park, “It is, in fact, part of a much larger picture, and this will be explored in the next part of this series when we visit the adjoining Yuen Chau Tsai Park.”

As promised, here is that next part.

Map showing the Yuen Shin Park and the South Area with the Yuen Chau Tsai Park Lookout (not marked)

This time we entered the Yuen Shin Park from the Fu Shin Estate end after visiting one of the convenience stores to buy some water and munchies. 

Walking through the park we kept our eyes peeled for the turn off taking us under the Tai Po Tai Wo Road to the park’s South Area where we wanted to visit the Yuen Chau Tsai Park Lookout. 

On the day of our visit the weather was grey and overcast so there wasn’t a great deal to see. However, on a good day I imagine that the views of the surrounding hills would be quite beautiful.

Walking down the spiral footpath from the Lookout leads you down to the Lam Tsuen River and the bridge across to the Yuen Chau Tsai Park. It is a short walk.

The turn off for the bridge is just before the entrance to the Waterfront Park, another location well worth a visit. For more information on this park please visit this link. From there, we crossed the Lam Tsuen River in the direction of Kwong Fuk and the Yuen Chau Tsai Park.

We decided to walk along the seafront and return on the inland path.

Turning left under the bridge in the near distance brings you to the Kwong Fuk Estate where you can find restaurants, convenience stores, toilets, buses and taxis.

The Yuen Chau Tsai Park is a great place to visit with lawns and sitting areas. It does require a bit of a walk as the nearest transportation is at Kwong Fuk but it’s well worth the effort. Of all of the parks in Tai Po this is one of the nicest places to spend a few hours. The total outing from Fu Shin Estate via the Lookout and the circuit of Yuen Chau Tsai can be done in less than three hours. Be sure to bring water and snacks with you as there are no shops along the route and it is only on weekends and public holidays that vendors attend the area.

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