Parks, Play Grounds and Sitting-out Areas in Tai Po – The Tai Po Central Town Square

The Tai Po Central Town Square sprawls across several sitting out areas with room for people to practice aerobic exercises, tai chi and even dance moves. There are also fountains and a small public toilet.

As the map shows there are many ways of entering the square, we did so by the Jade Plaza side. 

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department are to be congratulated on the trees and flower gardens. It can’t be easy to create greenery in such urban areas but they make full use of every available foot.

There are seating areas throughout the Square and depending on where the sun is shining from, you can move about to ensure a shady rest.

Continuing along this area there is an exit on the left which takes you to the public toilet which is a mark of dedication for the staff of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. This toilet was renovated at considerable expense over a six week period, only to be vandalised within a few days of being reopened. However, it was completely restored within a week.

As in all the Leisure and Cultural Services parks there is a well equipped playground and the Tai Po Square is no exception.

After sitting for a while in the shade of the playground we decided to take a quick (very quick), walk through the ‘Casino’. Although strictly speaking card games and gambling is prohibited, along with smoking except in designated areas, the park authorities turn a blind eye to these pastimes. To be honest, the card players harm no one and the only time I have ever been inconvenienced by these gentlemen was on two occasions when it was ‘suggested’ that I go and sit somewhere else. The suggestion was delivered politely and with a smile and there was no offence intended.

At the end of the ‘Casino’ turn left and you will see Tai Po Plaza and the Mega Mall in front of you.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department have done a great job in making the urban areas of Tai Po as beautiful as possible. (No, this is not a paid promotion). I am sure that everyone, be they parents, business people or students living in the area, appreciate the facilities made available to us. Whether it is to sit and rest, contemplate the beauty of the trees or just enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet, these parks, playgrounds and rest areas have been made available to us to do so.

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