Places of Interest: A Visit to Lake Egret

Lake Egret is located off the Tai Po Road just before Tai Po Kau and the entrance to the Tai Po Country Park and nature trails. It can be reached easily by the 28K Green minibus from the Tai Po Hui station. Make sure you tell the driver that you want to get off at the Lai Chi Hang bus stop.

A 15 minute walk will bring you to the lake.

The junction of Tai Po Road…
…and Hung Lam Drive

Continue down Hung Lam Drive until you come to Lake Egret

While part of the facilities are still under construction, a walk around the lake is well worth the effort as it affords you views of the lake and the restaurant building.

We started down the service road that leads to the far end of the lake.

Starting down the service road
Looking back at the restaurant
Continuing down the road

Soon we had great views of the lake, restaurant, mountains and clouds

The service road comes to a dead end. I hope one day they will complete a footpath that leads around the lake and back to the restaurant.

Boaters enjoying the lake

On the way back we had a quick look at the Billow Restaurant thinking that we might have a meal there but unfortunately it was full, which was surprising considering that it was a Tuesday. We did however take a quick look at the menu which was on display outside and found the prices to be more than reasonable.

We started back up Hung Lam Drive towards the Tai Po Road intending to take either the KMB bus or minibus back into Tai Po. Fortunately, a taxi happened past so we decided to be lazy and treat ourselves. If you are not as fortunate as us and have to rely on buses there is a bus stop immediately across the road once you get up on Tai Po Road.

Lake Egret is well worth a visit and if you do make the effort I hope you will be able to visit the restaurant because the food certainly looked good.

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