The Beauty of Trees

A Photo Essay

Very often, those of us who live in the suburban areas of Hong Kong, and elsewhere, do not appreciate the beauty of what we have around us. We hurry passed trees and flower gardens, intent on getting to and from our jobs and homes, ignoring the beauty that is right in front of us.

A ‘listed’ tree located in Tai Po Centre just outside of the Mega Mall

Trees situated along the Tai Po Road

No photo essay on trees would be complete without this beautiful tree in the Tai Po Old Market Playground

Walking along the Lam Tsuen River is always a pleasant way to pass some time. Depending on the time of the day you can choose which side of the river to walk along in order to take maximum advantage of the shade offered by the trees.

My daily travels take me to many parts of Tai Po, and I found this unusual sight:

And just a few feet further down the footpath I found these trees with their beautiful root systems.

Trees are there for all of us to enjoy. I know it is so easy to rush past them, hurrying on to our jobs, or homes. But if you take just a few minutes to enjoy their natural beauty, to stop and just breathe, it will turn a busy, hectic and stressful day into one of peaceful joy.

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  1. Many thanks, Allen. I know how much you love and appreciate the nature that surrounds us. You were my mentor when it came to rock climbing and your patience and dedication is something that I will always remember.

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