The Night Walkers

The positive benefits of a night time stroll.

Today, due to the anxiety and depression caused by the pandemic many people are having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. The majority of people suffer through this, day after day, night after night and it becomes a vicious circle. Some people suffer from depression , anxiety , insomnia and mental health issues.

The vast majority of us resort to seeking medical treatment which cost a fortune in each visit to the doctor. We don’t have a choice as we needed help and medication to ensure, at least, a decent night’s sleep, but the problem with using medication is the grogginess we experience the following morning. This is particularly troublesome when we have do a day’s work. And while your body is adopting to this medication, you will notice the difference in your daily output. It will never be the same as before but all you can do is to hope that one day, you can come out to be a better version of yourself after you get through this tough period of your life.

My wife of more than 10 years has always been a very strong person, being the eldest in her family, and of course being married to me, she had to be. All joking aside, she found her inner strength at the beginning of April. After a good day at work she cooked lemon chicken and waited for my return at night. It was after I had dinner, she washed the plates and as she returned to rest she started trembling, and her heart rate increased to become very fast.

I immediately called an ambulance. When we arrived at the Hospital, she underwent blood tests and an ECG but the results were normal. The doctor asked my wife to wait again until past midnight to have another blood test. I went home first, not knowing if she would be admitted or not. (In the panic of greeting the ambulance men I thought I’d locked the cats out). She assured me that she was fine before I left the hospital. Later around 1a.m. she came home and told me that the doctor only gave her antidepressants.

That was her first “Panic Attack”. We never knew about it as neither of us had experienced it before. When her medication from the hospital was finished, she went to a GP near us. She was given medicine to help her sleep but it didn’t help her at all in general. She had some panic attacks in her office which resulted in palpitations and difficulty breathing. The people around her were helpful and supportive.

By Thursday night she decided to get a massage hoping that it would make her feel better. She did feel better but still had difficulty sleeping. Her sister came over to help us at home and accompanied her to another doctor who gave her the referral to a psychiatrist. Her sister is a nurse and recognised the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. She got a referral letter from the private doctor but the nearest appointment was the coming Monday. She rested for three days straight but was never able to sleep.

Her sister accompanied her to the private doctor. She was diagnosed with Anxiety. She started taking night medications to help her sleep and another for the day time to calm her down on stressful occasions. Since then she visited her Doctor several times and her medication was reduced.

Today it has been 96 days since her first panic attack and thank God that since then she only have few attacks and she’s slowly learning to control the anxiety.

There are exercise routines that she does to assist her getting a better sleep. Yoga and stretching exercises and mindfulness meditation, and another is a walk before bed.

We became night walkers a few weeks ago and to our surprise found that we were bumping into some of our neighbours who were out doing the same thing. Interestingly, the positive benefits of just a 20 to 25 minute walk were immediately noticeable.

Leaving our village house at around 8 to 8:30 in the evening we enter a relatively peaceful world. Yes, there is still traffic on the roads and people are still just getting home from work, but generally the area around our village has settled down by that time.

Despite the distant traffic noises from the main road it was still possible to enjoy the sounds of the night.

Of course, the other benefit of walking in the evening is that we avoid the heat of the day. This is especially important during the summer months when, sadly, there have been reports of people falling ill due to heat stroke.

You don’t have to live in a rural area to enjoy a night walk. The sounds and sights of city streets are equally inviting. If you are suffering from anxiety, or have difficulty sleeping try a short walk in the evening and you will feel the benefits very soon.

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