Sunset Peak on Lantau – A Photo Essay by Oliver

Oliver is a regular hiker and former rock climber who, in his youth spent many months trekking in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. Here in Hong Kong, he accompanied me on many of my adventures and two of them can be seen here: The Tree on Majestic Slabs and Camping and Climbing at the Shek O Sea Cliffs – Snakeheads and Cheap Wine.

He has kindly forwarded this collection of photos of Sunset Peak, which he has climbed on several occasions

Oliver starts his hike from the Wong Lung Hang Picnic Site as he explains, it is less crowded. He heads in a westerly direction and descends onto Tung Chung Road which runs North to South across the island at Pak Kung Au, where public transportation in the form of buses or taxis can be taken back to Tung Chung

The quality of the trail varies but is generally in good condition and is well signposted.

There are Distance Posts all the way along the Trail and the first one offers some good advice.

Please note, the following photos appear in no particular order.

And of course, the reason why Sunset Peak got its name:


We hope you enjoyed this photo essay on one of the most beautiful mountains in the territory. I have climbed Sunset Peak a few times from various sides but never the route that Oliver takes. That will be one of my next outings in the near future.


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  1. Great stuff …and it brings back fond well of You , John & Oliver !

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