Places of Interest: The Botanic Union

The Botanic Union is located in Kau Liu Ha Village, Tai Po. To get there take the 64K KMB Bus from Tai Po Market Station bus terminus or the 25K Green Minibus from Tai Wo Station. Alight at Kau Liu Ha, cross Lam Kam Road to enter the village and turn right down Hang Kai Lane.

Next to the sign, you’ll find a very steep set of stairs which brings you on to Hang Kai Lane. Turn right and you are on your way to the place.

As you turn the corner, the Botanic Union comes into view

Entering the place brings you into a very interesting green haven.

Carrying on through this area brings you to the entrance to the small tuck shop which sells drinks, snacks, and gardening items.



Knick Knacks for sale in the shop

The service area inside the shop, they actually sell beer!

Insense and other items for sale, all diligently watched over by the store’s parrots.

When it was time to leave we went back out via the display and work area.

And finally:

There was still a lot to see and our photos only show a small part of the display. On our next visit, we’ll allow for more time. The management and staff of the Botanic Union have put a great deal of thought into their displays. There are plenty of gardening companies with equally beautiful plants but we have never seen anything to equal the creativity of the Botanic Union. It is well worth a visit.

To return to Tai Po simply walk back along Hang Kai Lane until you come to a short metal bridge that takes you up to the 64K bus stop. Be careful, it’s sturdy but narrow so watch where you put your feet.

However, if you’re a visitor to Tai Po you might like to visit the Wishing Tree which is just a ten-minute walk up Lam Kam Road. You can reward yourself for your efforts at one of the nearby drink shops. Alternatively, you can take a gentle walk back to the Tai Wo MTR via the Mue Shui Hang Park, which is always worth a visit.

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