The Discovery Bay Lookout Walk with Oliver

Stewart Goes Walkies is pleased to present another contribution from our reader, Oliver Win. The Discovery Bay Lookout Walk.

Discovery Bay – a bit of history

The planning for Disco Bay, as it came to be known, started as far back as 1973 when a private developer began negotiations with the Hong Kong Government. Several villages were surrendered to the project and the inhabitants moved out into alternative accommodation. Conservationists were appalled at the thought of the area, which consisted of several farming and fishing communities, being turned into a small city. Unfortunately, the dye was cast. Slowly but surely, Discovery Bay came into existence.

I recall the sadness I felt when walking through the deserted villages and I recall writing on one of the school blackboards, ‘If this is progress you can keep it!’

Today Discovery Bay consists of 15 residential areas ranging from garden houses to high-rise buildings. Furthermore, there is a 400-meter-long beach that is accessible to the public, four private membership clubs including a golf club, a marina club and a public park.

Getting there

There are ferry and bus services from Central on Hong Kong Island. Whichever you choose to take, there is a short walk to Discovery Bay Road and the start of the hike, which is adjacent to Sea Bee Lane.

From the junction with Sea Bee Lane turn left onto the footpath and start the climb up towards the Discovery Bay Lookout. The path is a bit rough in places but as you gain altitude, the scenery is well worth the effort.

The Route

The hike starts by ascending 750 steps from the main road. This was a gruelling way to start but the most direct route to the lookout and, at the same time, great exercise for the thighs.

The route map and photos kindly supplied by Oliver


Looking back at the footpath. Sturdy hiking shoes or boots and trekking poles are a must


Rough paths and beautiful views



More views of Discovery Bay


Approaching Serene Avenue and the end of the hike.

Serene Avenue leads on to Vista Avenue and from there it is a short distance to Discovery Bay Road and either the bus or ferry terminals to return home.

Stewart Goes Walkies is grateful to Oliver Win for providing the photos and details of this hike. It looks to be a great hike for a Sunday afternoon but remember to use good hiking footwear. From the photos, it looks as if a pair of trekking poles would be of value as well. You can get more information on trekking poles here.

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