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In this part of Books and Publications, Stewart Goes Walkies is pleased to offer TALES OF THE VISAYAS.

The stories are all set in the Central Philippines and there is also a personal introduction by the author. The stories include Babuan’s Legacy (A disciple’s greed leads to his downfall).  Fish Babies (A journalist and his photographer seek to separate reality from sensationalism). And,  The Final Ceremony (A witch doctor turns his back on the dark lords that empowered him, with terrible repercussions).

Stewart Goes Walkies offers TALES OF THE VISAYAS  as a PDF for the price of US$ 4.99. Payment may be made via PayPal.

Purchase Procedure:
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  • Upon receipt of your email, we will generate an invoice through PayPal, which will be sent to your email address.
  • PayPal will send us confirmation when you make payment.
  • Upon receipt of the confirmation, we will forward the Publication to the email address provided.

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Hong Kong residents wishing to purchase this publication may contact me via the above email for alternative arrangements.


Thank you for your interest.


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3 thoughts on “Books and Publications by the Author – Tales of the Visayas

  1. This is a great walk, but I’ve never done it
    Many of my friends have, have plans of doing it sometime with stewart

  2. I loved this book, what a great story
    Stewart is a great writer and can’t wait for his next book

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