Tai Mei Tuk to the Tai Po Industrial Estate

A Scenic Exercise Walk

The route as shown was around 9 km

Tai Mei Tuk is located beside the Plover Cove Reservoir and is a popular location for cyclists and Barbeque parties. In addition to cycling and eating, Tai Mei Tuk also offers activities such as boating and kayaking. And, it is the jumping-off point for several country trails including the Plover Cove Country Trail which is a strenuous route for experienced hikers that finishes at Brides Pool.

Getting there

To get to the start of the walk take the 75K KMB bus from Tai Po Market Station. Interestingly, in Cantonese, Tai Mei Tuk translates as ‘the very end,’ and, as it’s the last stop on the route you can sit back and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about looking for a particular stop. It is quite a long ride lasting up to 40 minutes depending upon traffic.



After alighting from the bus you start the walk from the terminus by crossing Ting Kok Road onto the cycle track and turning left. Plan for 2-2 1/2 hours at an easy pace for the walk.


Cross the road and turn left and you’re on your way
The Walk

The first thing you will notice of the bicycle rental shops which the area is famous for. You can actually rent a bike just outside the Tai Po Market MTR Station, cycle out to Tai Mei Tuk, and drop the bike off, returning to Tai Po on the 74K. Alternatively, you could do the trip in reverse, ending up back in Tai Po.

Bicycles of all shapes and sizes

Once past the bicycle rentals, the walk starts to get more interesting. But, before you leave there is a wide choice of restaurants offering western, Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisines. In retrospect, Tai Mei Tuk would probably be a better place to end up rather than to start from.

Long ( Lung) Mei

The first village you go past is Lung Mei, which is just across the road from the beach of the same name. Lung Mei Beach (it is also referred to as ‘Long Mei’), is famous for being the very first made-for-purpose beach in the SAR. Stewart Goes Walkies reported on Long Mei Beach in an earlier post.

Lung Mei Village with the Eight Immortals of Pat Sin Leng in the background

I can never resist the magnificent Eight Immortals

The walk continues along a mostly shaded footpath and cycle track.

One of many ‘watering holes’ for the thirsty traveler


The enormous Buddha standing over the Tsz Shan Monastery


Passing Greencove on the way to Po Sam Pai Village
Po Sam Pai Village
Entering Po Sam Pai
Po Sam Pai is a mixture of traditional village houses and modern Spanish Villas
Leaving Po Sam Pai in the direction of Sam Mun Tsai

The route now takes you through a short underpass to the opposite side of the road and past the entrance to Sam Mun Tsai.
The underpass with the apartment blocks of Joyous Villas seen above

After passing Sam Mun Tsai, Fortune Gardens is seen to the left of the photo
After Fortune Gardens the footpath and cycle track separate for a short distance

The path dips down towards the Fire Station

The Fire Station is to the left of the photo. From this point, the greenery starts to thin out but can still be seen on the opposite side of the road
Approaching the entrance to the Tai Po Industrial Estate
And finally…

We had been intending to continue on to Fu Shin Estate. However, at this point, with the traffic noises increasing and the greenery slowly being replaced by buildings, we decided to end the walk and jumped on the 74K bus to the Tai Po Market MTR Station.

It was a great walk, shaded for the most part with a wonderful view of both Tolo Harbour and the mountains to the north. There are drink shops scattered throughout the walk where you can buy refreshments and snacks but, it’s always a good idea to bring some water with you. As mentioned earlier, the distance walked was around 9 kilometers.


All in all,  it was a very enjoyable day. Furthermore, the walk is suitable for children because of the numerous bus stops along the way. You can jump on a bus going in either direction if they, or you, get tired.

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