Hiking Pat Sin Leng Circa 1974

Stewart Goes Walkies is pleased to have this contribution from an old friend, David.

I was hungover from Christmas Eve – less than 12 hours earlier (writes David). So, what to do on Christmas Day?

Ian, a colleague and I decided to climb to the summit of the Pat Sin Leng range in the hope that the exercise would cure the hangover.

And so up we went, starting from the Agriculture and Fisheries Depot just opposite the police Village Patrol Unit Headquarters.

As we climbed higher up the view became better.

Near the summit, it became a scramble, and we resorted to using our hands. The geography had turned to almost vertical rock faces with nooks and crannies for hands and feet.

Ian, near the summit, being joined by a group of     hikers


Finally, at the top, we sat down and admired the view. Coming up behind us was a loose group of Chinese hikers.

The author on the summit with the group

After resting for a while and enjoying the view over Tolo Harbour we retreated downwards along the same pathway taken for the ascent. When we were almost at the bottom, to our delight, we found an itinerant hawker selling beer and soft drinks. We enjoyed a few tins before finishing our descent.

(The year was circa 1974 and at the time the author was OC Tanks, otherwise known as the Police Personnel Carrier Unit (PPCU)).

David’s companion on the hike, Ian, was a Special Duties Unit officer. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago.

Stewart Goes Walkies is grateful to David for providing this short piece of history. Pat Sin Leng is now a country park and the route over the Eight Immortals is a popular and challenging hike.

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  1. Pat Sin Leung is a great hike, did this may years ago and would love to do it again with SGW

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