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THE SORCERESS tells the story of two men caught up in the revenge of a witch, killed many years before either of them had set foot in the territory.

McAllister, a journalist who is trying to escape his past and Turner, a police officer, meet after many years on the Ngong Ping Plateau of Lantau Island when Turner is tasked to investigate the murder of an old man. Unbeknownst to either of them, it is the first of many, and a tale of supernatural horror is eventually exposed.

In May of 1994, Ms Marina Knowles of the now-defunct Eastern Express newspaper wrote the following review of The Sorceress:

Beautiful, deadly – and dead. 

The Sorceress is out for revenge, but the blood of her enemies is not enough. She wants their souls. 

Sloan does not disappoint. The plot is neatly sustained, carrying the reader spellbound from page to page. Lantau will never be the same for me… 

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