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Temutma was published in by Asia 2000 in 1998. Shortly after, it was also produced as an audio version and translated into German. Stewart Goes Walkies is pleased to offer it for the first time as a PDF.

The original Asia 2000 cover of Temutma in all its gory glory


The more palatable cover design used by Spray Books, one of the companies that offered it in German

Temutma was a collaboration with Rebecca Bradley. Sloan was responsible for the storyline while Rebecca tidied up the text and added a touch of finesse to the project.

You may still find hard copies of Temutma on Amazon for up to US$ 35.00

A Review from 2005
Possibly the BEST vampire novel since Dracula. 

By Devlin Tay (Adelaide, Australia) March 9, 2005

“Temutma” is a little gem of a horror novel from Hong Kong that most readers would unfortunately never have heard of. It is quite possibly the BEST vampire novel I’ve ever read since Dracula (take that, Anne Rice) – and I say this not because of Temutma’s literary merits, but because of its frenetic pacing and the atmosphere of sheer terror that it evokes.

Set in Hong Kong in the early 1990s, an ancient horror awakens deep within the catacombs of Kowloon’s famed Walled City. A series of grotesque murders are committed on one single night, leaving the Hong Kong police completely baffled. The murders are seemingly unrelated; but for the fact that the crime scenes all fall on a direct line of sight beginning from the Kowloon Walled City, across the narrow strait separating Kowloon from Hong Kong island, to the Bank of China building, and finally ending at a luxury home at the Peak. All victims had been drained completely dry of blood. Even more strangely, one of the first victims had been seen following a subsequent victim hours after he supposedly died, according to forensics.

As the chief investigating officer, Superintendent Michael Scott of the Royal Hong Kong Police, delves deeper into the mystery, little does he know that he will soon come face to face with a being more ancient and powerful than he could ever imagine – an amoral being whose only instinct is to satisfy his own bloodlust.

Rebecca Bradley and Stewart Sloan successfully weave Chinese superstition with vampiric lore into a melange of fear and action so thick one could almost imagine watching the story unfold in a Cineplex with full DTS surround sound. The characters are believable, the action is evenly paced, and the horror is conveyed through a finely-balanced mixture of suspense and gore.

Temutma, the eponymous vampire, is a creature so believably alien, repulsive and evil – and yet strangely compelling. There is none of that vampiric angst, the likes of which authors like Anne Rice are so fond of, to be found anywhere in this book. Here, at last, is a creature that stalks, tortures, kills and inflicts pain simply because it is what it does – much like the way a cat hunts for, and plays with, its prey purely out of instinct, the way all cats do. Five stars and two thumbs up!


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