Fanling to Tai Wo

Another Scenic Exercise Walk

Hiking the cycle track between Fanling and Tai Wo is a good training walk for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds and increase fitness. It is a safe, secure route. Also, as you pass by several villages where you can find transportation in the form of minibuses, it would also be suitable for children.

Fanling has been mentioned in a few of our posts. You can check out the Hong Kong Railway Museum in Taipo for some history. Fanling is also the starting point for several hiking routes. The route from Fanling to Lam Tsuen is a strenuous walk via Wu Tip Shan. It requires a degree of fitness and some preparation. 

However, today’s route is considerably easier and follows the cycle track, road and footpath that runs between the Pat Sin Leng and Lam Tsuen Country Parks.

Getting there

To get to the start of the walk, take the MTR to Fanling Station and look for Exit A. You will find A2 on the right at the beginning of the footbridge that takes you over to the Fanling Town Centre. Descend the stairs at A2, and the walk begins!

Exit A2 is on the right of this photo
The Route

Follow the footpath round to the left. The path then turns right and, when you see Cheung Wo House across the road, you know you are on the right track. You are now on San Wan Road. Follow San Wan Road to the junction with Jockey Club Road. Look to your right, and you will see an ESSO service station. Cross the road and continue past the station. From this point, the route is obvious.

The route from the A2 Exit to Jockey Club Road and the ESSO station


Jockey Club Road and the ESSO Service Station in the near distance. There is a pedestrian crossing just before the station.

Leaving Fanling


The route briefly follows the Ma Wat River and in the near distance is the entrance to the Lung Shan Tunnel


The Ho Yin Lodge

The Ho Yin Lodge is a ancestral hall located in Kau Lung Hang Lo Wai village.

The first drink shop along the route

Just after the drink shop is the first of two foot bridges that take you over the railway track.

The view over the valley from the top of the foot bridge

The last of the drinks shops, friendly and welcoming staff.

Approaching the second of the foot bridges and a pleasant surprise. As we arrived at the top of the bridge we looked back at the farm we had just passed and saw goats and a ram gambolling about in the field.


Then it was on towards Hong Lok Yuen and the last part of the route to Tai Wo.

Something we weren’t expecting – a toy car graveyard

Very close to Hong Lok Yuen now, we followed the road and footpath to the left but you can save yourself a few moments by following the cycle track to the right.



In order to continue to Tai Wo turn right through the underpass and then turn left. If you are getting weary by this stage you can carry on straight. You will come to a bus stop where you can get either a KMB bus or minibus into Tai Wo.

Turn left out of the underpass

Emerging from the underpass brings you onto Taipo Taiwo Road


Passing Parc Versaille on the right, Taiwo Plaza is only ten minutes away.


And you have arrived. The rest area to the left of the photo is a great place to relax and rest your weary feet.

In conclusion – The Pros and Cons

The Pros – The route is safe and and direct so it is very hard to get lost. As you pass by several villages along the way, if you want to call it quits you can jump on a minibus to Tai Wo.

There are several drink shops along the way incase you run out of water or want a snack.

The Cons – At the start of the walk there is a lot of construction, which rather distracts from the enjoyment of the walk.

And finally, the distance walked from Exit A2 at Fanling to the entrance to Tai Wo Plaza was just over 9.7 kilometers and with rest stops took around 3 hours.

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