Tong Min Tsuen to Tai Wo

Another Scenic Exercise Walk


As I have mentioned elsewhere, I try to walk a minimum of 5 km every day. Sometimes it’s more, and occasionally less but, I generally manage to maintain my plan. You can find more information on this here.

I spend most of my time in Tai Po and various parts of the area, so much of my time is spent walking along the Lam Tsuen River. When I have enough time, I like to do something a bit longer.

The Route

The route follows the cycle track along Lam Kam Road in the Lam Tsuen Valley. To get to Tong Min Tsuen, take the 64K KMB bus from Tai Po Market Station and alight at San Tsuen. Alternatively, you can take the 25K Green Minibus from the Tai Wo MTR Station.

From San Tsuen start back along the direction in which you have come. The path and cycle track take you past villages and fields. At one point you pass the start of the route to Tin Liu Ha which is a pleasant half day outing.

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The route continues along towards the entrance to Fong Ma Po which is the location of the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree.

The Wishing Tree complex is worth a visit and there is a small Cultural Centre located nearby. A short detour would not take up more than 30-45 minutes.

The Fong Ma Po bus stop


The Lam Tsuen Cultural Centre beside the Wishing Tree Complex

After passing Fong Ma Po the route dips slightly as it continues along Lam Kam Road.

Also, another place worth visiting is the Botanic Union. Located in Kau Liu Ha Village, which is just before the roundabout, it is a unique garden centre. While there are many garden centre selling flowers and garden arrangements, the Botanic Union do so with a sense of creativity and entertainment.

One of the many displays in the Botanic Union

Shortly before the roundabout the cycle track and footpath branch off to the right.



Following the footpath around to the left takes you over the Lam Tsuen River.

Coming out onto the Tai Po Road (Tai Wo).
Two Items of Interest:
This is the inflatable dam at the Tai Po Tau Raw Water Pumping Station. Legend has it that when it was first installed back in the early 70s the local archers used it for target practice.
This tree, almost at the end of the road, is home to hundreds of Moon Moth caterpillars at the correct time of the year. Usually from around June.
Nearing the End
Passing Tai Po Gardens on the right
The underpass across the road is the turn off for Cloudy Hill and the second part of Stage 8 of the Wilson Trail.
And arriving at Tai Wo Plaza and the MTR Station

This is a pleasant walk for anyone wanting to burn a few calories and see a bit of the countryside.

Personally, I never get tired of looking at the trees and there are certainly plenty of those along the route.

An alternative would be to start the walk from the Tai Wo MTR, ending up at San Tsuen and having a bowl of noodles and a cold drink at the Kwan Yick Store. Regardless of which direction you take you will pass by the Wishing Tree the Botanic Union and they are always worth a few moments of your time. And, it you do decide to take the route in this direction you could take in the detour to Tin Liu Ha (see above) as well.


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