Places of Interest: The Tree Top Cottage


The Tree Top Cottage is a recreational centre situated in the Lam Tsuen Valley of Tai Po. It offers adventure training for children from the age of 3 upwards.

Activities include camping, tree climbing, zip-lining, and a climbing wall. All activities are conducted under the watchful eyes of instructors.

Getting there

Take the 64K KMB bus and alight at San Tong. Walk back along the road to a crossing and descend a short staircase. On your left, you will see Piggy’s Orchids. Continue along the road and you will come to a footbridge that takes you over the Lam Tsuen River.


The crossing, the staircase can just be seen to the left of the photo


Once across the bridge, slightly to your right, you will see the first of these markers. Follow the signs into San Tong Tsuen and you will soon arrive at the Tree Top Cottage.

Just before we arrived at the Tree Top Cottage we passed by this residential area. The guard was asleep on the job!

The Tree Top Cottage

The concrete footpath is level and secure but there is a slight drop on the right so pay attention to where you are going.


So, what can we do at the Tree Top Cottage. They have a range of programmes for children and families.

They can arrange camping adventures for beginners and experienced campers alike, providing all the necessary equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses and cooking equipment. But, you need to bring your own food and ingredients.

There are toilets and shower facilities and refrigerators available. The toilet and showers are clean but spartan.

There is also a dining area, if you don’t fancy eating on the ground next to your tent.


Once you have set up your tent you can then make use of the facilities. There is zip-lining, rope bridge walks, climbings walls and tree climbing. And it is all done under the supervision of trained instructors.

There is also an artificial lake where you can take a short voyage on a home-made raft.

Wooden ducks. The fish, however, are very real.

The Tree House

Another adventure available is Tree Climbing. And here, you can visit the Treehouse that the centre is famous for.

Beneath the treehouse is a short climbing wall for beginners.

And, after all your adventures, and a nice dinner, when the weather is pleasant you can sit around the campfire and tell ghost stories

Information and conclusion

You can find more information on the Tree Top Cottage at their website:

You can also take a look at their Facebook page: Personally, I called their telephone number, (852) 2658 2618 and found the staff to be more than helpful.

The Tree Top Cottage is well worth a visit whether you are planning a camping adventure or simply want a pleasant day out in the country. It is easy to get to, and getting home is simply a matter or walking back out onto Lam Kam Road and taking either the KMB bus or 25K Green Minibus back to the Tai Wo MTR.

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