Wilson Trail Section 8 Part One


The Wilson Trail was opened in 1996 and is 78 kilometres in length. It includes country trails on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

Section 8 runs from Yue Tun Ha in Tai Po, to Cloudy Hill, in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park.

More information on the Wilson Trail may be found here.

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Section 8 (Part One)

As mentioned above, Section 8 of the Wilson Trail actually includes Cloudy Hill. It would have been possible today. However, there was a heavy mist and light drizzle that accompanied us most of the way.

As it was, it was an enjoyable walk. Some of the sections were over a steep rocky footpath. However, for the most part the trail was easy to handle.

You will need sturdy footwear, water and snacks, and as always, I made good use of my trekking poles.

Getting there

We took a Green Taxi from Tai Po Market MTR station. Ask for Wun Yiu Road and keep an eye out for this junction. It is the start of the section.

There were several of these signs along the section. Unfortunately, many of them were barely legible

Follow the road up to the first corner and go left. There are no signs to let you know you are on route.




The first part of the hike is on concrete footpaths with steps. Enjoy it while it lasts.

It is not long before you leave the buildings behind and enter the countryside. At the top of this staircase there’s a beautiful Banyan Tree with enormous roots.


The path carries on towards the last of the houses.




The path takes you past this garden area with its beautifully manicured hedge row




This was the only difficult part of the section as the path continued upwards over rocks which formed the steps.


A pause for a good cause

The Route eases

Parts of the rocky trail were quite difficult but it wasn’t long before we were back on a concrete path. And from this point onwards the route was much easier.


We went up.

It was a shame that the weather was so misty as the views over Tai Po would have been quite interesting.

And then we went down.

At at one point we came across this tunnel, which, we have been informed is a Japanese bunker left over from WWII.

(I have been asked for the exact location and unfortunately, I did not take a GPS reading. The approximate location is close to the Water Supplies Department facilities)

Descending towards the Water Supplies Department Tank. Shek Lin Road can just be seen in the distance.

Shek Lin Road

The end of the footpath brings you onto Shek Lin Road for the final stretch down to Tai Wo.

The end of Shek Lin Road is a small roundabout.


The Water Supplies Department Tank, seen from the roundabout

As you start along Shek Lin Road there is a lot of building materials lining the side of the road. Fortunately, it doesn’t distract from the beauty of the surroundings. But, it would be nice if the Water Supplies Department stored it more neatly.



At times the mist was so heavy that the road looked as if it had been raining

Soon we were on a ridge overlooking Lin Au, a small village we have visited on several occasions.


Very soon we were passed the turn off for Lin Au and on our final leg of the section.

The resting area just outside of Lin Au
There isn’t a lot of traffic on Shek Lin Road but be careful to keep to the side of the road
The Buddhist Temple in the distance looks interesting and we’ll try to do a ‘Places of Interest’ photoshoot on it in the future


Entering Kam Shek New Village

Kam Wo Bridge and the official end of Part One of Section 8 of the Wilson Trail.



All in all in was a great walk. The heavy mist and drizzle ruined the scenery but at no time did the trail become dangerous or unsafe. The walk was just over 5 kilometres and it took us two hours and 10 minutes.

Many people are happy to continue on to the second part and climb to the summit of Cloudy Hill in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park. Today though, Cloudy Hill would have certainly lived up to its name.

We, on the other hand, rewarded ourselves with a Yum Cha lunch in Taiwo Plaza and called it a day.

Stewart Goes Walkies was grateful to have had the company of James and Cat and we used many of their excellent photos.

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