River Ramble

A Ramble?

I wasn’t planning to do a hike today. I forced myself out of the comfort of home for three reasons:

It was a beautiful day, (11th February). The last few weeks have been chilly and overcast. Today, however, the temperature was a pleasant 19 degrees, the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

I had to make my 5 Km daily target! And,

I have been wanting to explore the upper reaches of the Lam Tsuen River for months now.

So, where did I go? I went on a river ramble.

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The Route and how to get there.

The upper stretches of the Lam Tsuen River are hidden from view as it runs adjacent to Lam Kam Road. I have spent several hours walking its length from San Tsuen down to Fong Ma Po. You can see photos and descriptions here. But, it has long been my intention to explore the upper parts of the river for ages and today I had that opportunity.


I started my walk from San Tsuen. If you don’t live in the area, the easiest way to get here is the 64K KMB bus from either the Tai Po Market Station Terminus or the Tai Wo MTR. Alternatively, you can take the 25K Green Minibus from Tai Wo and ask for the San Tsuen Bus stop.

The start of the walk is across the road from the bus stop.


The beauty of this path is that by the time you reach this point the traffic noises have completely vanished.
It was great to see the Community Garden up and running again after a long time.

And then I was down onto the Lam Tsuen River.

At this point I would normally turn right towards Fong Ma Po, and the Wishing Tree. However, the purpose of today’s outing was to find out how far the footpath continued up the valley.

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The Lam Tsuen River
Interestingly, the government map of the area does not show the footpath. But, as you can see it is definitely there.
Many parts of the path are nicely shaded
As you carry on along the river you will find commercial flower gardens and farms on either side. This farm on the right was using water from the river.

The footbridge seen ahead is the one that takes you across the river towards the Tree Top Cottage.

Continuing on after the footbridge
Farms and houses on the opposite bank.


We passed by several commercial flower gardens to our left.
This old tree was protected with its own planter. I think it may be a Camphor Tree
Approaching Sha Pa
Sha Pa and Lam Kam Road

At the footbridge turn left and walk through the village carpark. Bear left and you come to a footpath.

The path continued into the distance, however, I turned left shortly before this building


Behind the car to the right is the beginning of the footpath that leads out onto Lam Kam Road.

You come out onto Lam Kam Road just opposite Ping Long. At this point you can take public transport back to the Tai Wo MTR. I chose to continue on down the road in the direction of the Kwan Yick Store, some noodles and a drink.

A last look back at the Lam Tsuen Valley. The river is once again hidden from view.
Walking down Lam Kam Road in the direction of the Kwan Yick Store

There is so much to see in the Lam Tsuen valley by way of country walks. Most of them are suitable for families with children. Transportation is readily available in the form of buses, minibuses and taxis.

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Food and drink is limited to Fong Ma Po and the Kwan Yick Store, but you can arrange your route to include one, or both of these locations. If you are intending to walk along the river it is best to take some drinking water with you as you won’t find any along the way.

This walk could be done in conjunction with a visit to the Tin Liu Ha Valley.

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