Future Plans – Hiking the Cycle Network


The Cycle Network was created by the Civil Engineering and Development Department and opened in September, 2020. It runs from Tuen Mun to Ma On Shan and consists of 60 kilometres of cycle lanes.

You can find more information on the network here. The network is broken up into sections and detailed information on entry and exit points, rest areas and toilet facilities, are provided.

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My Plan

I came up with the idea of hiking it non-stop over the course of three days. This would entail two overnight camps in some of the rest areas provided along the route.


Not surprisingly, my plan was met with blank stares and stoney silence from my wife and family.

So, the only alternative was to divide it into sections and knock them off one by one.

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In fact, I have done several of them already. Fotan to Tai Po (12 km) and Fanling to Tai Po (9 km). My next target is to complete the Ma On Shan to Fotan stretch (8+ km) followed by the short stretch between Fanling and Sheung Shui (3.5 km). The latter would be a short morning or afternoon hike.

This leaves the two major sections of Tuen Mun to Yuen Long (12 km) and Yuen Long to Sheung Shui (11 km).

On the Fanling to Tai Po leg

I hope to be able to complete all of these sections this year before the weather starts to warm up in April.

COVID 19 Restrictions

COVID 19 restrictions in the SAR were increased from the 24th February. Facemasks are now required to be worn by people taking exercise (joggers and hikers were previously exempt).

While this certainly distracts from the pleasure of hiking it is a necessary precaution.

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I hope to be able to knock off another section before the end of this week and will report on it in my next post.

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