A Scenic Walk in Lam Tsuen

Another Scenic Exercise Walk

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While COVID 19 continues to disrupt our plans for a normal life we have to look for ways and means by which to stay active. This short scenic walk is great for anyone living in the Lam Tsuen/Tai Po area.

The route as shown is just over 3 km.
Getting there:

The walk starts from Fong Ma Po (The Wishing Tree) and you can get there by the 64K KMB Bus or 25K Green Minibus from the Tai Wo MTR Station.

Alighting at the Fong Ma Po bus stop, cross the road and walk past the Wishing Tree.

The entrance to Fong Ma Po and the original Wishing Tree to the right of the photo

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Carry on past the Wishing Tree to the temple and cross the road to the public toilet.


The public toilet is to the left, go down the short alley and turn left.

The path leading down to the Lam Tsuen River is quite steep but has recently been resurfaced, which makes it much safer to walk on. Previously, it was quite slippery in places. There are also sturdy railings on the right should you need them.

And very soon you are beside the river, which, today held a few surprises.

The first surprise was a large turtle, sunbathing in the middle of the river.

And then, just a short distance further we came across this herd of goats, grazing happily in the flood plains.


Solitude and Serenity

One of the reasons we chose this particular route was the unlikelihood of meeting a lot of people. We did see a few other walkers and cyclists, but for the most part we had the river to ourselves. And it was quite serene.

(Please make sure your speakers are on). This short ten second video, with the sound of the running water and the birdsong in the background will give you an idea of how beautiful the area is. We spent some time just listening to the sounds of nature around us.


The riverside path continues up the valley and you can follow is as far as you wish. In a previous post I followed it as far as Sha Pa and Ping Long. You can see information on that walk here.

We turned off and followed the path back up to Lam Kam Road.

Back on Lam Kam Road and the 64K bus stop is only a few metres down the road.


While the possibility of a lockdown looms over Hong Kong it is vital that we do everything possible to remain healthy, fit and most importantly, sane.

This walk took less than an hour, and that included the time we spent listening to the sounds of the running water and birds. It was well worth the effort.

All you need to bring is a bottle of water and a pair of comfortable shoes.

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  1. What a great walk in lam tsuen, didn’t know we have goats in hong kong, but having said that we have them on lantau but to this day I haven’t seen one goat but other have, great post yet again stewart and the pictures are really good

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