Fong Ma Po to San Tsuen

Via She Shan Tsuen and Sheung Tin Liu Ha

Stewart Goes Walkies is grateful to one of our readers, David St Maur Sheil, for sending us information on the first part of this walk. David has lived in Lam Tsuen for many years and knows the area well. He takes inspiration from his many rambles for his artwork, much of which may be seen in his Facebook account.

The Route and how to get to the start

The walk starts at the KMB Fong Ma Po bus stop.  To get there take the 64K KMB bus from Tai Wo MTR.  Alight at the Fong Ma Po bus stop and walk back in the direction in which you have come until you see this turn off leading down to the right.

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The route passes along the She Shan River, through She Shan Tsuen and then through Sheung Tin Liu Ha, finishing on Lam Kam Road at the San Tsuen bus stop.

This steep single lane road takes you down to a parking lot for commercial vehicles. Carry on through it and the scenery becomes very much better.

There are no obvious markers but the route turns to the right and carries on to the left of the barrier.

The She Shan River

Once past the parking area the path takes you towards the river.

heading to the She Shan River

This old farm house is on the right hand side of the path. The route continues to the right.

By this point in the walk all the traffic noise from Lam Kam Road has disappeared and all you can hear is bird song.

At this point you come to a junction. Either path leads you in the same direction and you soon arrive at the footbridge that takes you across the She Shan River.

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From here the scenery just gets better.

The She Shan River

After passing yet another secluded farm house you continue along this footpath.

Very soon we were at the outskirts of She Shan Tsuen

The Water Supplies Pumping Station can just be seen in the distance
She Shan Tsuen

Entering She Shan Tsuen, turn right at the junction

We walked through the village onto She Shan Road and continued onto the Turn off to Sheung Tin Liu Ha. As a point of interest, She Shan Tsuen is home to one of the oldest Camphor Trees in the SAR.

Camphor Tree

Sheung Tin Liu Ha

We continued up She Shan Road to the turn off for Tin Liu Ha. The Tin Liu Ha Valley has been mentioned in several previous posts. It is a pleasant morning or afternoon walk suitable for families with both children or elderly members. More information may be found here.

Entering Sheung Tin Liu Ha it is always nice to pause for a moment and listen to the breeze rustling through the leaves of this tree.

Sheung Tin Liu Ha

Sheung Tin Liu Ha is a small but active farming community.

It doesn’t take long to walk through Sheung Tin Liu Ha and soon you are heading towards San Tong and the final part of the route.

Navigating San Tong

Navigating your way through San Tong (the small village before San Tsuen) can be a bit tricky as there are so many paths leading off in all directions. The thing to remember is that all roads lead to Rome, or in this case, the Lam Kam Road. So, if you do take the wrong path it will only add a few moments to your walk.

Turn right between these two houses
Take the right hand path
At the end of this lane bear left and from this point on the route becomes much easier

It is always nice to see good use being made of available land. A few months ago when we saw them clearing this lot we were sure that they were going to start building another house
Two beautiful old trees – the village guardians
A derelict farmhouse.
The same farmhouse from the front
Lam Kam Road, the bus stop and the Kwan Yick Store
The entrance to San Tsuen and Lam Kam Road in the distance
Lam Kam Road, the Kwan Yick Store and the 64K bus stop

One of the wonderful things about this walk was the fact that, despite the noise and smells of the vehicle park at the beginning, it was only a few short steps before you are in the countryside. It was literally just around the corner and all you could hear was bird song.

Once again, Stewart Goes Walkies would like to thank David St Maur Sheil for forwarding information on this route. Please don’t forget to take a look at his Facebook page (I placed the link in the Introduction).

The length of the walk from Fong Ma Po to San Tsuen via She Shan Tsuen and Sheung Tin Liu Ha was just under 4 km and, with rest stops took just over an hour. The tranquility of the countryside made the walk well worth the effort.

All you need is a bottle of water and comfortable shoes.

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