A Variation on a Previous Route

A Note of Explanation:

My earlier post, Fong Ma Po to San Tsuen was suggested by one of my readers, David St Maur Sheil. David sent me information on the route, which, I unfortunately misinterpreted and so started my route from the wrong village.

Acting on his clarification I started this route from Hang Ha Po. And to use a phrase that you see in many of my posts, it was well worth the effort.

I would like to take the opportunity of mentioning that David is a talented artist and some of his work may be seen in his Facebook page here.

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The Route and how to get there:

If you are coming from outside of Tai Po and the Lam Tsuen Valley, take the 64K KMB bus from either the Tai Po Market MTR or pick it up at the Tai Wo MTR. Alight at the Hang Ha Po stop and walk back in the direction in which you have come.

It is a short distance to the entrance to Hang Ha Po Village.


Walk past the public toilet and you will find the entrance to the village and the start of the walk.
Follow the road to the left of the Rubbish Collection Point
Follow the path to the right. It was sad to see so much litter.
The She Shan River

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And this is where I made my first mistake.

Crossing over the bridge I made my way along a pleasant footpath and continued happily until a very kind gentleman informed me that the route I was on lead to a dead end.

Turning around I made my way back across the footbridge and continued along the river. It wasn’t long, however, before I made my second mistake.

The correct path on the right side of the river

This footpath takes you around the village houses and back to the She Shan River and another footbridge. This is where I made my second error in route finding. I crossed over the bridge, only to find that it brought me to another dead end.

This footpath leads to a dead end and the correct route can be seen on the opposite bank.


Once on the correct path it was just a matter of enjoying the scenery and listening to the ever-present birdsong and river sounds.


Just around this corner we came onto familiar ground.

The footbridge leading across the She Shan River

She Shan Tsuen in the distance. Today, however, we turned right at the junction and carried on along the footpath that brought us into Chung Uk Tsuen on Lam Kam Road.

The path takes you through disused fields that are fenced off. Sadly, a sign of impending development.




Turn right after this new house and the path takes you up to Lam Kam Road.

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Conclusions and an Announcement:

The route, including the errors in navigation, was just over 2.5 km.

Once on Lam Kam Road you are right next to the KMB, bus stop. If you wish to return to Tai Po it’s simply a matter of crossing the road.

Alternatively, you can carry on along the road for about ten minutes to San Tsuen and the Kwun Yick Store for some well earned refreshments.

The Lam Tsuen Valley has a lot to offer the casual hiker that is looking for a morning or afternoon route for the family. Stewart Goes Walkies has posted information on many of these walks. Visiting the Tin Liu Ha Valley, and A Scenic Walk in Lam Tsuen, are just a two of them. The footpaths are generally well-maintained and so are suitable for both children and the elderly.

There are rumours of major developments in the lower reaches of the Lam Tsuen Valley, including a new MTR station. In the general scheme of things in the SAR, I suppose this is inevitable. However, I think that it is sad that such a beautiful area will eventually fall prey to modernisation and the constant need for housing.

The Announcement:

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