Guided Walks in the Lam Tsuen Area


We have been asked if we can organise guided walks over some of the routes shown in Stewart Goes Walkies. This is possible for the routes in the Lam Tsuen area.

The walks would follow the routes previously posted in Stewart Goes Walkies and we can arrange walks of durations from 1-4 hours. Please mention the duration of the walk you have in mind and any preferences based on the posts shown in the website.

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Some Examples

There are quite a few walks in the Lam Tsuen area. These can take anything from an hour up to three. One of these is Visiting the Tin Liu Ha Valley.  This walk would take just over an hour.

This is a pleasant hike which will not take more than one hour. It is all on single lane road or concrete footpath. The route takes you along farm land and fields which, happily, are still in use and through a village. The walk is perfect for the elderly or families with young children and you end up back on the main road within sight of the bus stop. It could be done on a Sunday morning or even afternoon.


San Tsuen to the Wishing Tree – Revisited is another pleasant walk, slightly longer than the previous example. This walk follows the course of the Lam Tsuen River.

This photo is from a previous walk. We found a herd of goats grazing on the flood plains along the Lam Tsuen River
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Tailor-Made Walks

Depending on how much time you would like to spend, we can arrange walks that include two or three routes.

You might also be interested to visit some of the Places of Interest such as the Botanic Union or the Tree Top Cottage.  Just let us know and we can add it to the schedule.

Please Note

We will not ask for, or accept, remuneration of any amount for guiding these walks. 

HOWEVER, it must be agreed by the participants that we will not accept any liability for injury and/or damages should a participant injure him or herself during the outing.

For further information, please send an email to

In your email, please mention the number of people in your group. Please let us know if there will be children or elderly participants. You should also let us know the approximate amount of time you wish to spend on the walk.


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