A Day Camp at the Waterfront Park


We have visited the Waterfront Park on several occasions. In fact, if we have any free time and the weather is nice we will take a walk along the Lam Tsuen River, usually ending up at the park. You can read more about the location here.

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It was our intention to take our Esbit Cookset with us and prepare a simple meal. We studied the park regulations, and even consulted one of the security personnel. No one, it appeared, had any objections to us doing so.

However, we didn’t want to take the chance of having an otherwise pleasant day ruined by an overzealous security guard.  So, we decided to have lunch before entering the park.

Getting there

We didn’t want to take our usual route along the Lam Tsuen River as we had quite a lot to carry. So, after an early lunch in the Tai Po Mega Mall we crossed over to Fu Shin Estate and entered the park from the other side.

Cross over Yuen Shing Road and turn down Dai Fat Street to the rear entrance to the Waterfront Park.

Turning down Dai Fat Street you soon come to the entrance to the park.


We continued through the park as we wanted to set up camp facing the seafront to take maximum advantage of the breeze.

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It was getting warm. The gear was getting heavier and I was quite tempted to go and sit under this sprinkler for a few minutes. But then we found our spot.

The Camp

It wasn’t long before we were getting everything set up for maximum comfort.

Shaded by the trees and cooled by the sea breeze. It was perfect.

The rigours of the walk and the heat were soon forgotten. This was not the first time we have had a day camp here. That occasion was almost a year ago, when the pandemic was starting to make itself felt.

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Depression over the uncertainty of the future was affecting a great many people. We decided to take advantage of a day off during the week when we knew there wouldn’t be too many people. We packed up the tent, bought more munchies than we could eat and set off for the park.

You can read about ‘Love In The Time of Covid 19here.

The view from the front of the tent.

We spent the day relaxing in our chairs and even had a nap in the tent. Finally, in the early evening, it was time to pack up and head for home.

Packed up, ready to go, and leaving no trace of our having been there.

We headed out the way we had entered, towards Fu Shin. And as we were leaving we passed by the Rose Garden. It was officially closed to visitors. However, the security guards turned a blind eye as we followed others, and enjoyed the splendour of the flowers for a few moments.

The Rose Garden

The splendour of the Rose Garden. Please turn your volume up for the bird song.


Leaving the Park and getting home.

To return to Fu Shin just follow Dai Fat Street and cross over Yuen Shing Road. You are soon at the bus terminus where you can take transportation back to the Tai Po MTR Station. There are also fast food shops and convenience stores should you need anything.


While it looks as if the pandemic restrictions are easing, it is important that we take every advantage to get out and enjoy nature. As mentioned earlier, COVID 19 is not lurking in the trees, waiting to pounce on the unwary. Take sensible precautions and follow the regulations in place.

Stay safe, stay sane, and enjoy life!

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