May The Force Be With You Serialised


This is a serialisation of May The Force Be With You. I will publish a new chapter everyday over the next few weeks. Subsequent chapters will be titled MTFBWY and the Part Number.

May The Force Be With You

Introduction and Part One

Some of the stories come from firsthand experience, others are stories that have been related to me by officers ranging in rank from inspector to chief superintendent of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force (now the Hong Kong police Force since the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997). 

While some of the stories are amusing others are not, and the reader may feel that I am being unnecessarily sarcastic. Let me point out here that I believe the Hong Kong police have an unenviable job, a job that for the most part they do to the very best of their ability. 

At the time of the handover in 1997 the Hong Kong Police lost their royal charter, an honour which they gained in 1969 in recognition of the value and steadfastness they showed during a terrible period in Hong Kong’s history, the Communist-led riots of 1966/7. 

No police force in the world can claim to be perfect and the Hong Kong Police is no exception. I have personally seen them turn a blind eye to a situation that might actually require a rational degree of intelligence and commitment and I have seen them act with a high degree of professionalism and compassion. They have been called ‘Asia’s finest’, and I believe that for the most part they are! 

And in case you are wondering why I should be in a position to tell these stories, I was posted to the Royal Hong Kong Police as a civilian Confidential Assistance in January 1987 and remained in service (Special Branch and Technical Services Division) until May 1997, shortly before the handover, at which time I was ethnically cleansed. 

I should point out that while some of these anecdotes are based on characters I met during that time, they do not describe any of the more sensitive work of the force, details of which must remain confidential. 

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