MTFBWY – Part Two

Part Two – Trying to find the Scene of the Crime 

One of the things that the Hong Kong police pride themselves on, something which is obviously a necessity for any policeman the world over, is their local geographical knowledge. 

Normally when someone calls in to report a crime they are already in a state of stress, and the last thing they need to be asked for are detailed directions to their home or office. 

When I was living in a non-departmental government quarter one of my neighbours was assaulted by her inebriated husband. She escaped and taking their daughter arrived at our apartment at 5 am. 

We let her in and calmed her down, making sure that the daughter was not harmed in any way. I then asked her if she wanted to report the matter to the police, to which he replied yes. I called the police, gave my address and they despatched a team without delay. In fact, the van arrived within minutes, and this is where the fun started. 

They managed to find the apartment block, probably one of thousands in the area, without difficulty but were apparently stuck as to how to find the first floor. I saw them milling about in the courtyard and leaned out of the window to wave to them. For reasons of their own they chose to ignore the strange foreigner shouting at them from the first floor window. It was then that the telephone rang. It was the police station, the squad had found the building but couldn’t find my apartment. 

At this point I leaned out the window again and at the top of my voice yelled, “Oi you, up here”. 

One of the officers looked up at me in front as if to say, ‘how do we get up there’? Eventually I had to go downstairs and leave them up to the front door myself. 

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