The Visit to KFBG* – That Wasn’t

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The 16th April, being Easter Saturday in Hong Kong, was a public holiday and a perfect opportunity to visit the *Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden. We made our way up to the Farm only to find that it was closed due to the pandemic. We should have checked their website before leaving home.

Rather than waste the day and just return home we decided to walk back along Lam Kam Road in the direction of San Tsuen.

The Route

Getting there

I am not suggesting for one minute that people travel all the way out to the Kadoorie Farm just so that they can walk back to Tai Po. However, the KFBG is well worth a visit and when the pandemic eases it is great way to spend a few hours. You can find out more about our previous visit here.

To get to the Farm you can take the 64K KMB bus from the Tai Po Market Station terminus. Alternatively, you can pick it up at the Tai Wo MTR Station.

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The Walk

We crossed Lam Kam Road and started down in the direction of San Tsuen. Very soon, to your left you will see a series of commercial gardens lining the valley floor. Despite the traffic noise it was nice to be in amongst the trees. There was no shortage of vines and flowers.




At this point the footpath became more protected from the traffic, which was quite heavy at times.
Admiring the flowers

And then after a few moments we came across this magnificent Banyan. It towered over the nearby lamppost. There wasn’t enough room on the road to get the whole tree in the photo.

Ping Long and Tai Om

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We carried on down Lam Kam Road under a canopy of trees passing by the villages of Ping Long and Tai Om.

There is always a lot to see as you walk along Lam Kam Road and I visit the area I see something new. Looking through the trees by the side of the road, I saw this old farm house. Judging by the brickwork, it looks to be quite old.


Then, continuing on down the road we took the time to admire the farms and commercial flower gardens.


It wasn’t long before we reached our destination – San Tsuen.


While it wasn’t our original intention to walk this route it was very pleasant. The farms, trees and flowers along the way make it worthwhile. The walk was just over 4 km.

Getting home is easy as you can take the 64K bus or 24K mini bus from the stop just past the Kwun Yick Store.

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