May The Force Be With You – Part Three

Not Quite so Funny – Passing Confidential Information to Perpetrators 

After leaving the government in 1997 we moved into a village in the Shatin area. In those days we had a car and my landlord was very adamant that I should place a sign on the windscreen showing that I was a resident of the village. 

I made sure that this was done, but it didn’t prevent the indigenous villagers from cutting my tires and otherwise vandalising the vehicle. What I was unaware of was that as parking spaces were scarce, certain villagers felt that they should be given priority over outsiders. By vandalising vehicles, they let you know that you were not ‘in the club’. 

This went on for two years until one day they went too far. They broke into the car, took it for a joyride and then returned it to the village. It was too badly damaged to repair and I decided that someone was going to pay. 

It was then that I started paying attention to the illegal parking in the village. Cars were packed in at night time, totally blocking emergency access to the village. Should a  firebreak out, or someone need an ambulance, there was no way that these vehicles could gain entry. 

At the time I was working as a private investigator and it was a simple matter for me to take covert photographs of the offending vehicles. I then sent these photographs under a confidential cover to the police.

Imagine my surprise when after only two days my landlord was banging angrily on my door demanding to know why I had sent photographs to the police. 

I immediately lodged a complaint with the Officer-in-Charge of the relevant police station, stating that only two parties knew about my report, myself and the police. I would not have been foolish enough to let the villagers know that I was the one who had made the complaint.

This officer promised to investigate and called back a few days later to deny that any of her officers had passed the information to the villagers. The fact remains that the landlord knew exactly who had made the complaint, and I certainly didn’t tell him. 

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