May The Force Be With You – Part Four

Deep Dog Doodoo 

(This part is a continuation of Not Quite so Funny – Passing Confidential Information to Perpetrators)

That might have been the end of the matter, as I had no intention of proceeding in the knowledge that the villagers knew who had made the complaint. Unfortunately, the police realise that, as an offence have been reported they had no choice but to take action. 

So, one evening a few days later, a group of officers came to the village to hand out parking tickets. Angry villagers came out in force to chase the way the officers, who then called for back up in the form of a Police Tactical Unit (PTU). These highly trained police officers are one step away from a SWAT team and arrived in full armour. They were quickly surrounded by the villagers who had also called for reinforcements. The situation became a stalemate and the police had no choice but to start arresting people or negotiating. Probably wisely, in view of the fact that it was only a parking offence, they decided to negotiate. 

Also living in the village at that time was an American lady. She was a single mother with three children, one of whom was a grown-up daughter. One of the villages, no doubt in an attempt to distract the police from the number of illegally parked cars, complained about the lady’s dogs doing their business all through the village (the fact that they were at least eight other village dogs all doing the same thing was not, of course, mentioned). 

The police decided that this was an opportunity to defuse a potentially embarrassing situation, i.e. having to explain to the public have a group of unarmed villagers had managed to capture a heavily armed tactical unit.

They proceeded in the direction of the ladies house, accompanied by now what appeared to be a large mob. Seeing this large group of people outside her house the lady widely refused to open. At that point one of the PTU men, noticed that there was a light on in the bathroom, forced open the window. Inside the adult daughter was taking a shower. 

When the lady finally open the door the police, in front of the villagers, gave her a verbal warning not to allow her dogs to follow the village. After that everyone went home. 

When I was informed of this event my first reaction was a combination of guilt and embarrassment. It was I who had made the complaint and this lady had had no part of it. That she and her children should’ve been terrorised in this way was totally unacceptable. 

The next day I called the officer-in-charge of the station to enquire as to whether he had any idea as to how many cubic tons of dog shit they was lying around the streets of Hong Kong. Obviously this information was not part of the officer’s daily briefing so the answer was no. 

I then informed the officer that if there was a repeat of last night’s performance I would personally make a written report to the police each and every time I found a piece of dog shit lying on any street in the territory.

I would like to believe that the officer had a sudden mental image of rainforest being destroyed just to provide the paper required for the follow-up reports. In any case, I was assured that the matter was indeed closed. 

The illegal parking continues to this day. 

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