May The Force Be With You – Part Five

Bodies being moved 

On the Kowloon peninsula, two districts meet at a particular T-junction. So too does the authority of the police stations which take responsibility for these districts. 

One night in the early 70s a police vehicle was passing by this T-junction, returning from a callout, when the officers inside discovered a victim of a hit-and-run accident. Investigating immediately, they discovered that the person was undoubtedly dead. It was at this point that one of the offices realised that the body lay just inside the jurisdiction of their station. 

The streets were deserted, there was no one around. Quickly and silently, they dragged the body across the junction into the jurisdiction of the adjoining district. They then got back into their Land Rover and returned to the station, congratulating themselves on having avoided the bane of all police officers, paperwork. 

Unfortunately for them, their act was witnessed, and the informant called friends at the adjacent station. Officers from that station quickly arrived on the still quiet scene, and after making sure that they were truly unobserved, dragged the body back to its original position! 

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