A Sunday Outing – A Contribution from Tiffany

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Stewart Goes Walkies is grateful to have a contribution from our friend and reader, Tiffany.

Recently, Tiffany and her companion visited the Fan Sin Temple and the Wun Yiu Exhibition Centre. Following this, they hiked over the first part of Section 8 of the Wilson Trail, the start of which is a short distance from the temple.

The Fan Sin Temple
The Fan Sin Temple


One of the temple lions
Temple Courtyard


Lanterns, old and new.
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The Wun Yiu Exhibition Centre
Part of the display in the Exhibition Centre – Photo courtesy of the Antiquities and Monuments Office

The Centre, which is located close to the temple, was built after a kiln site was discovered nearby. Due to its historical significance, part of the remnants of the kiln were unearthed and declared a monument in 1983.

The present Centre is maintained with the assistance of the Institute of Chinese Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and generous donations from the residents of Sheung Wun Yiu and Ha Wun Yiu villages.


The Wilson Trail

The first part of Section 8 of the Wilson Trail is a pleasant walk that can be done in under two hours. The start of the section is just a short distance from the Fan Sin Temple.

The map shows the location of the Temple, the Exhibition Centre and the start of the Trail


After visiting the temple and Exhibition Centre, Tiffany and her companion made their way to the start of the hike.

The start of Section 8 from Wun Yiu Road. The Fan Sin Temple and the Exhibition Centre are at the end of this road.


The route that Tiffany and her companion followed was identical to the one mentioned in an earlier post.  We reproduce the route map here.



For the most part the trail is easy going but there are a few places where you have to be careful.
Very soon you are back on a concrete footpath.
A point of interest is a Japanese bunker, left over from WWII

This section of the Wilson Trail eventually takes onto Shek Lin Road and then it is an easy stroll down to Tai Wo past Lin Au.


The rest stop at the Entrance to Lin Au.

Finally after passing through Kam Shek Tsuen you come to the Kam Wo Bridge and the end of the walk. Here you have a choice of convenience stores, yum cha and Japanese cuisine, all in the same building.


Stewart Goes Walkies is very grateful to Tiffany and her companion for this contribution and the wonderful photos. The Fan Sin Temple and Exhibition Centre look as if they are well worth a visit and we will be doing so very soon.

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