Past, Present and Future

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The hiking, camping, and climbing season in Hong Kong traditionally begins on the 1st of September and last year was no exception.

It had been a long hot summer with almost constant hot weather warnings from the Hong Kong Observatory. Another hazard was the torrential rain. Regardless of the conditions, hikers braved the heat and the rain, and many had to be rescued by the government services. I was surprised to learn that these people were not beginners with little or no experience. They were seasoned hikers. Sadly a few did not survive, and one of the more appalling cases involved a man who entered a catchment area during a Black Rain Storm warning.

Starting the season

I waited patiently for the weather to become cooler and my first outing was to the Tai Po Contour Sitting-out Area. I can’t tell you how nice it was to get out and enjoy the trees and parks again. You can take a look at this outing here.

And it was while I was on this outing that I discovered the Green Hub in Tai Po. This centre is located in the old Tai Po Police Station and apart from the historical displays, you can visit the Eat Well Canteen. It is located in the former station canteen and the food is organic, healthy and attractively priced.

It was a good start to the season and I planned to take maximum advantage of the cooler months to do as much hiking as possible.

In order to get my hiking legs back in gear, I decided to retrace one of the very first routes that I did a year before. This was the walk along the Lam Tsuen River from San Tsuen to the Wishing Tree.

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I used the GoPro Hero 9 Black for my photos and videos.

GoPros are better suited to video work but it is possible to take photo grabs from the videos. It took me a while to learn the finer points and there were a few failures. However, you can see the results here.

The GoPro Hero 9 Black, one of the many fixing clamps and the battery charger which is sold separately

Another piece of equipment I now use extensively are my trekking poles.

Ah, trekking poles are for ‘old people, I can hear you say. Well, for the record I am an ‘old people’ and I swear by them! In fact, I jokingly refer to them as my AMEX poles because I never leave home without them.

Making good use of my trekking poles during a hike in the Tai Po Country Park

You can learn more about trekking poles here.

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Some of the Routes I completed

While I made maximum use of the cooler months there were a few routes that really stood out. There were two in particular:

Taiwo to San Tsuen via Lin Au, and The Wilson Trail Section 8 Part One. Here are some highlights of those walks:

The more beautiful section of the route from Tai Wo to San Tsuen


As usual, on many of our hikes, my son, James lead the way.

The Wilson Trail hike was great fun and my wife and I were accompanied by James and his wife Cat. Sadly the weather was overcast and there was a heavy mist but it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of being out as a family.


And that brings us to…

The Present and the Future

Summer and the warmer weather have come around all too soon. I was hoping for another few weeks of good hiking weather. Sadly, that was not to be.

But, there are still routes to consider and as mentioned in previous posts, I intend to complete hiking the New Territories Cycle Track Network.

I have managed to complete the sections from Ma On Shan to Sheung Shui. This leaves the two longer sections from Sheung Shui to Yuen Long and Yuen Long to Tuen Mun. In view of the warmer weather I am considering breaking up the first leg into two parts. I will make a final decision depending on the weather and conditions.

There are also the pleasant half-day walks around the Lam Tsuen area which I intend to repeat during the warmer months. And anyone who has a few hours to spare on a Sunday afternoon is welcome to join me.


One of the best things to happen in the past few months is the amount of contributions Stewart Goes Walkies has received from our readers. Any and all contributions will be gratefully received and I hope to see more in the coming months.

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