The Dragon – Part 2

The Kowloon City CID was amazingly quiet that morning when Senior Detective Inspector Chan, Jacky Chan, to his friends, reported for the A Shift which ran from 0700-1500. Usually, the report room was full of mangled triads, gang members who had been beaten up or stabbed or even, on the odd occasion, shot! Jacky decided to enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasted and used the time to catch up with the bane of his existence, paperwork. 

It was just after 9:00 am when the call came through of a suspicious death in the Kwun Tong area. Jacky and two others, Detective Police Constables, were sent to investigate. A forensic team was already on the way, he was told and the scene had been cordoned off by the local boys. 

On arrival, they were greeted by the head of the forensic team, who, much to Jacky’s surprise looked visibly shaken. This was a twenty-year veteran who had seen some of the most horrendous sights imaginable. 

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“SDI Chan,” the forensic man, whose name was Leung, greeted Jacky. This was for the benefit of the lower ranks and onlookers, ghouls from the nearby housing estate who had come to see what had happened. In private it was Jacky and Peter, the two had worked together on many cases. 

“This one is really bad,” said Peter Leung. Jacky started towards the partially covered figure of Lo Geet, where she lay on the hard, cold floor. 

“No, not that one. Over here.” 

Peter led the way to a spot behind one of the dumpsters where a white-faced assistant was taking pictures of what looked like a lump of meat. When he realised what it was Jacky’s face went as white as that of Peter Leung’s assistant. It was a body, part of a body, Jacky corrected himself, at first guess, of a young woman. Jacky forced himself to look at the face and the horror-stricken eyes. One arm, the left, had been torn out at the shoulder socket and the other ended just above the elbow. 

He stared, speechless, at the corpse, unable to tear his eyes away. 

(c) Copyright John Stewart Sloan – 2017 – Not for Distribution 

The Featured photo is by Mark Dumont – Flickr: There Be Dragons, CC BY 2.0,

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