Footpaths – A Photo Essay

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The weather has turned on us. The summer has arrived earlier than expected.

The Hong Kong Observatory issued the first Hot Weather Warning on the 21st of April. This was already enough to curtail any thoughts of serious hiking. Then the heavens opened, and we now have torrential rain. The rain will last until well into the coming week.

I decided that if I couldn’t get out and hike, I would look over some of my photo albums. In that way, I could enjoy previous experiences. The following photos are from some of my earlier hikes in various areas of Hong Kong.

Footpaths …

These photos are taken from several of my hikes over the past 18 months. As you will see, they cover various types of terrain. I have walked on country paths, cycle tracks and even single lane roads. But, the important thing is, I have never once gone out into the countryside and not enjoyed myself.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind, and find my soul.

Never deny yourself the opportunity of taking a rest.


Remember, wherever you are, always take the time to stop and admire the flowers and trees!

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On the Tsing Yi Nature Trail – a really pleasant outing
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… and Stepping Stones

Please remember, and especially when descending, check for loose stones. For the most part, country park paths are well maintained but be careful. A bad fall can ruin an otherwise pleasant outing.



I’m glad I took the time to look at these photos. They have reminded me just how much I enjoy hiking. Hopefully, once the rain has eased, and before it becomes too hot, I’ll be able to get out into the countryside. I’ll be posting on my next outing soon.

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