The Dragon – Part 4

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Jacky Chan returned to his desk in the Kowloon City CID office and shuffled through the paperwork in front of him. The words on the half-written reports and evidence forms floated before his eyes but all he could see was the horror of the woman’s remains in the alleyway. He wondered who she was, how old she was and what her story was. What terrible thing did she do in a past life to have ended this one in such a ghastly way? 

Hopefully, someone would file a missing person report and they would find a link to her and her identity. Something to name her. To give her family peace, if she had any family. 

Jacky placed the documents and the half-written forms back in the folder and sat back in his chair. Closing his eyes did not remove the horror of what he had seen from his psyche. He glanced at his watch, 12:15, only three hours to go before he could get out of this place and find solace somewhere. Then his phone rang and the Report Room told him that business had arrived in the form of four young men who had obviously been in a fight. Grateful for the diversion he left his desk and headed for the Report Room. 

The sight that greeted him was not unusual, and he knew all the men sitting in handcuffs, in the holding room. Three of them had been roughed up and eventually, they would have to be sent to the nearest hospital for a medical report, but none of them was seriously hurt. He had lost count of the time he had arrested one of them, the others were less prone to violence. 

“So, what happened this time?” He asked the Sergeant who had brought them in. 

“They chose the wrong tea house,” said the officer with a grin. 

It was all part of an ongoing turf war with a rival gang. They would go into a tea house or eatery and demand protection money from the owner or operators to ensure that nothing unfortunate happened to their windows and property. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the tea house they targeted was already ‘owned’ by another gang and a confrontation ensued. The police were called and by the time they arrived, the other gang had departed the scene, leaving these four looking very sorry for themselves. 

“All right. See if they want to say anything other than, ‘we all walked into the same wall at exactly the same time,’ and then take them to a hospital”. 

He left the grinning Sergeant and returned to his desk before realising that it was lunchtime. He just hoped he could keep the image of what he had seen earlier out of his mind long enough to enjoy his meal.


(c) Copyright John Stewart Sloan – 2017 – Not for Distribution 

The Featured photo is by Mark Dumont – Flickr: There Be Dragons, CC BY 2.0,


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