The Dragon – Part 6

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Jacky Chan has just returned to his desk to find a note waiting for him. A Superintendent Shum from Homicide, PHQ, wanted him to return his call. Jacky looked at his watch, it was 1430, thirty minutes to the end of his shift. He debated ‘not seeing’ the message. But, his professionalism took over and he reached for the phone on his desk and dialled the number. 

Much to his surprise, SP Shum answered the call himself. In Jacky’s experience Gazetted Officers usually had a string of underlings to field their calls for them. Jacky introduced himself and Shum thanked him for calling back. Shum was brief and to the point. He had requested Jacky’s boss to allow him to be transferred to a special task force that was investigating a territory-wide crime spree that involved the murder and dismemberment of several young women, mostly prostitutes. Shum explained that he believed the crime scene that Jacky had attended this morning was connected. He told Jacky that he would soon be hearing from his boss about the move. 

He thanked Jacky again for his call and told him he was looking forward to meeting him. Then, before Jacky could ask any questions he hung up. Jacky was still peering at the now silent phone when he saw his boss, Superintendent Sam Wong heading towards him. Jacky stood up. 

“Of course, you’ve heard”. He said. Jacky nodded. 

“I would like to have been the one to tell you but things are moving fast. I know the details but it would be better if Shum fills you in. I know you’re off duty in a few minutes but would you please report to PHQ and introduce yourself to Shum”. 

Jacky mumbled something about clearing his desk and handing over unfinished work but Sam Wong interrupted him to say that he could do that later. 

“Jacky,” he said. “This can only be good for your career”. He shook Jacky’s hand and walked away. 

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In the forensics lab, Peter Leung was looking at something he didn’t want to acknowledge. He had examined the liquid found in the remains of the girl and in the bottom of the dumpster. He had analysed it and found that it was some sort of saliva, but from what animal he had no idea. He didn’t want to consider the possibility of an animal wandering around the back streets of Kwun Tong that had the strength to tear a woman to pieces. And anyway, what kind of animal disposed of its prey in a dumpster? 

After analysing it, breaking it down into components he had searched the medical webs for all known listings and then he had gone further, to a National Geographic page. 

And now he was looking at a picture of a Komodo Dragon. 

Then his phone rang and he was instructed to file his report as quickly as possible and report to a Superintendent Shum, Homicide, in PHQ. 

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(c) Copyright John Stewart Sloan – 2017 – Not for Distribution 

The Featured photo is by Mark Dumont – Flickr: There Be Dragons, CC BY 2.0,

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