The Dragon – Part 9

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In another part of Hong Kong Island Lansard was also on his way home. He lived quite close to his office so he was within walking distance. He was tired and irritable after the fiasco in the court this morning. He didn’t like being humiliated and to be virtually walked over by a young girl was the worst possible humiliation he could endure. He blamed Baker for his predicament. The man had been so cocksure that the girl would fold long before they entered the court. He had assured Lansard that, as the girl obviously had no legal training of any kind, he would wipe the floor with her. After all, Baker assured him, he could be quite eloquent when he put his mind to it. 

He started across the road and then remembered he had to do some shopping, so he carried on towards the Western Wet Market. This was a modernised shopping centre cum market that had been built inside the shell of the original market building. On the ground floor, you could find fruits, vegetables and fresh meats. Lansard went directly to the fresh meat counters and there he purchased three kilos of beef. As it was near the close of the day he got a very good price. He paid the vendor, thanked him, and walked away. 

The apartment where he lived was a few blocks inland and within moments he was walking up the worn staircase. There had been two apartments on the fifth floor where he owned his accommodation. He had purchased both of them and altered them into one. It was hardly luxurious and Lansard could have afforded better, even if his legal business was not earning him a great deal of money, he had a private income. 

There were two potted fuchsias outside his front door and he checked the soil with his fingers. He would have to water them later. Entering his apartment he turned on the light and set the bag containing the meet down on the small dining table. He stood there for a moment, like a man who had to perform a task that he detested.

Then, taking off his jacket he transferred the raw meat to a salver and approached one of the bedroom doors. He knocked, then opened the door, appalled as he always was at the stench that escaped the room. He handed the salver to the figure on the chair, almost afraid to look at the face of the person before him and said, 

“Your dinner, father, I’ve brought your dinner”. 

(c) Copyright John Stewart Sloan – 2017 – Not for Distribution 

The Featured photo is by Mark Dumont – Flickr: There Be Dragons, CC BY 2.0,

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