A Scenic Walk Along the Lam Tsuen River


One of the great things about living in Tai Po is that, if you don’t have enough time to get out into the countryside for a real hike, there are plenty of walks the Lam Tsuen River.

One such route is from the Tai Wo MTR station to the Mega Mall in Tai Po Centre. This route takes you along the river and down to the Yuen Chau Tsai Park.

Getting to the start and the route

You start the walk by crossing over the Kam Wo Bridge. The Kam Wo Bridge is also known as ‘High Tide Bridge’ by the local residents as it is the highest tidal point on the Lam Tsuen River. Many of my walks have started and ended at this bridge.

The route takes you along the river in the direction of Tai Po. It is a pleasant walk with a lot of rest areas along the way.


Much of the walk is done in the shade of the trees lining the side of the footpath.

Up ahead is the railway bridge used by the MTR, and, in happier days, the through trains that crossed over the border at Lo Wu.

The Lam Tsuen River is a popular area for people to exercise and meet their friends. Very often, shoppers will pass by the river on their way to the market to enjoy the scenery.

There is no shortage of bridges crossing the river, both vehicular and pedestrian. The bridge seen ahead takes you into the Mega Mall. However, we carried on in the direction of Kwong Fuk Estate.

At this point we rested for a moment under the shade of a bridge. Then we turned off to the right up the staircase to the Kwong Nam Sitting Out Area.

The Kwong Nam Sitting Out Area and Kwong Fuk Estate

This bridge takes you over the Tai Po River and into Kwong Fuk Estate.

We saw this beautiful root system at the end of the foot bridge.


After crossing the bridge we turned off to the left to rejoin the Lam Tsuen River and headed in the direction of the Yuen Chau Tsai Park.

This eatery is located just a few steps above the footpath. If you need a snack or drink it offers a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

No tree is safe from my prying camera lense

And this egret appears to have claimed this boat as her own

Continuing along the footpath we soon arrived at the Yuen Chau Tsai Park.

This park is a great place to visit and includes a display of Dragon Boats which have been used in races. It boasts lawns, lakes, and sitting out areas which are the perfect location for a day camp.

For more information on this park please take a look here.

Turning right at the entrance to the park you will see this staircase. This brings you up onto the final bridge of the day which takes you across the Lam Tsuen River on the last leg of the route.


As you cross the bridge you get a look at the Waterfront Park. Stewart Goes Walkies has mentioned the Waterfront Park in several of our publications. It is well worth a visit and more information may be found here.


At the end of the bridge you turn down to the right and rejoin the Lam Tsuen River.

After a short walk you come to this underpass.

And within moments you come to the footbridge that takes you over to the Mega Mall where you will find restaurants, shopping and convenience stores. You are also within easy reach of the bus terminus.


It was a very pleasant walk along a good footpath. There were numerous rest areas and, as you will have noticed, there is even a restaurant at which you can stop.

The Mega Mall is great for shopping and there is a wide selection of restaurants if you are still hungry.

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