A Very Scenic Walk – Tai Wo to Mui Shue Hang


It was a pleasant day for a short, scenic walk around the Mui Shue Hang Park. It had rained the night before so, while it was a bit overcast, it was nice and cool.

We started our walk at the Kam Wo Bridge, crossed over and turned right in the direction of Mui Shue Hang.

The route takes you from Tai Wo, through the Mui Shue Hang Park, then back along the Lam Tsuen River towards Tai Wo. It was just over 3 km.
The Mui Shue Hang Park

This is a truly beautiful place to visit and one of its major attractions is that it’s within a 15 minute walk from the Tai Wo MTR station. Stewart Goes Walkies has visited the park before and you may see that report here.

Continuing up the Lam Tsuen River you very soon come to the entrance to the park. Cycling is prohibited but that does not stop people from riding their bikes along the footpath.

The footpath takes you past the Prajna Monastery

Entering Mui Shue Hang Park
The Trees

The Mui Shue Hang Park offers rest and exercise areas. Here you can take advantage of peace and tranquility of the surroundings. However, for me the greatest pleasure in visiting the park is the trees.

A private reliquary for the ashes of past monks and nuns


Mui Shue Hang Village

The footpath continues through the park and at one point you pass the turn off for the village.

The entrance to Mui Shue Hang Village is guarded by these magnificent banyans.

Soon you come to a rest area which is frequently used by Tai Chi practitioners. We took advantage of the area and after resting for a few moments carried on the turning point.



The entrance to the rest area

As the footpath turns back in the direction of Tai Wo you will find toilet facilities but sadly, there isn’t a shop. Remember to bring enough water and snacks with you.

Heading back in the direction of Tai Wo
There is no shortage of flowers

Lawn areas

As you head back in the direction of Tai Wo you soon arrive at this bridge that takes you over the Lam Tsuen River.

This bridge takes you across a small island with another rest area. From there the final bridge takes you to the last part of the walk.

A last look upstream at the Water Supplies Department utility bridge
The building to the right of the picture is Tai Po Gardens
The final leg

Once across this bridge, it is possible to get public transport back to Tai Wo. However, we turned right and walked back along the Lam Tsuen River. There were still a lot of trees to enjoy.


The Kam Wo Bridge, our starting point, in the near distance

This walk is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. It took less than one and a half hours and that included rest stops and photography. I have lost count of the number of times I have visited this area. It never loses its appeal.

Once back at the Kam Wo Bridge you are a few minutes away from Tai Wo Plaza. There you will find transportation, convenience stores, numerous restaurants and shopping.

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