The Wetland Park – A Photo Essay

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The Hong Kong Wetland Park is a conservation and education facility located in the northern part of Tin Shui Wai in Yuen Long. It was created as an ecological mitigation area for the areas lost due to the Tin Shui Wai New Town development

The Park comprises visitor centre and a 60-hectare (150-acre) Wetland Reserve. There is also a Wetland Interactive World with themed exhibition galleries, a theatre, a souvenir shop, an indoor play area and a resource centre.

Planning and Creation

In 1998 the International Wetland Park and Visitor Centre Feasibility Study Project was initiated.  The Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservations Department, lovingly known as Ag & Fish, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board were involved.

The intention was to expand the ecological area and create a wetland ecotourism attraction. Also, the development of the Wetland Park would enhance the ecological function of the site as a conservation, education and tourism facility. The Wetland Park Project was started and became one of the Millennium projects of the Administrations.

The Wetland Reserve consists of re-created habitats designed for water fowls and other wildlife.  Facilities include the Stream Walk, Succession Walk, and the Mangrove Boardwalk. There are also three hides situated next to the fish pond, mudflat and riverside.

Pui Pui the Saltwater Crocodile


Pui Pui is probably the Park’s most famous inhabitant. She was found, swimming happily along the Shan Pui River in the New Territories on 2 November 2003. It is suspected that she was an illegal pet that either escaped from her owner or was dumped into the river after she had grown too big. Pui Pui managed to avoid hunters from Australia and China. Eventually, after seven months she fell into a trap made by AFCD staff.

The crocodile was initially housed at the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens until suitable accomodation was built for her at the Wetlands Park.

In 2006 she was moved into her landscaped enclosure where she can be viewed by the public. Pui Pui’s home provides her with a healthy and comfortable living environment. This includes infra-red heaters and a heat pad. The water in the pool is continuously circulated through a filtration system.

There was a territory-wide competition to find a name for her. “Pui Pui”, was chosen out of 1,600 entries. The Chinese meaning of ‘Pui’ is “the precious one”.

Getting to the Wetland Park

There are several ways but the easiest is taking the MTR to Tin Shui Wai MTR station (West Rail Line).  From there change to Light Rail Line 705/706 to Wetland Park Station. If you are coming from Hong Kong you can take the No. 967 bus  at Admiralty West Bus Terminus (near Admiralty MTR station – Exit B) and get off at Hong Kong Wetland Park bus stop.

Kowloon residents can take the No. 269B at Hung Hom Ferry Concourse and alight at the Tsui Shing Lau bus stop. Then get on Light Rail 705/706 to Wetland Park Station. Alternatively, you can get bus No. 264M at Tsing Yi Railway Station Bus Terminus and get off at Hong Kong Wetland Park bus stop.

Flora and Fauna
The boardwalk system is extensive and allows visitors access to all corners of the park





Some of the inhabitants




There has been announcement by the government that the Northern New Territories will be developed for badly needed public housing projects within six years. This has raised concerns as to the future of areas such as the Wetland Park.

Regardless of whether you are an ornithologist, or just someone that enjoys nature at its finest, the Wetland Park is worth a visit. It is a bit of a trek getting there but you will not regret having made the effort.

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