Stop and Smell the Roses


The weather in Hong Kong is no longer conducive to hiking. As usual, for this time of year, we have hot weather warnings, interspersed with torrential rain storms, gales, and lightning storms. A typical summer’s day in Scotland, you might say. Unfortunately, we don’t live in Scotland.

Fortunately, the adverse weather conditions don’t stop us from getting out, even for just a few moments. And it is important for our physical and mental health that we make the effort.

Be aware of your surroundings

It is quite possible because I am a budding photographer, that I pay attention to the bushes along the footpaths that I follow. You never know what you might find.

One of my contributors, Sasha Haldane, is an avid nature photographer and I am constantly amazed at the quality of her work. You can see examples of Sasha’s photos here and here. She must have incredible patience, to look for, sit and wait for the right moment to photograph her subjects. Sasha also has an Instagram account and those of you with membership can take a look at haldanesasha.


Two examples of Sasha’s work.

Some of my work

One of the subjects I have constantly displayed through my work is the trees that I come across. I never tire of sitting in their shade and enjoying that peace and tranquility that they offer.

Indeed, all we need to do is recognise their existence. Trees are home to many creatures, insects, squirrels, and birds. On one occasion I even spotted a family of voles. Then there are the birds. And if you bother to take the time to sit and listen, their songs are quite beautiful.

You never have to look very far to find trees. They are all around us if you bother to take the time to look.


The Flowers

One thing we are never short of in the parks is flowers.





I found this beauty hiding underneath a stairwell
The Moss

While I was searching for flowers I came across this patch of moss and decided it was worth a photo.


I was just about to move off when the sun peaked through the clouds and lit up the scene.



Apart from trying to keep up my target of 5 kilometers a day the warmer weather is going to make it more difficult to do any serious hiking. However, it is up to us to make the effort.

Get out and walk as often as you can, and keep an eye out for insect and plant life. It’s all there for us to enjoy. Please do so sensibly.

Camera Gear and Editing

I use a Canon G7X Mkii for still photography and a GoPro Hero 9 Black for video work. I shoot in RAW and edit the photos in Adobe Lightroom.

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